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Hello, I'm looking for a female who isn't shy of darker themes and would be interested in a dark medieval spin of the fairy tale, Cinderella. Before I post the plot, here's what I'm looking for from a partner as of right now:

1. I like a minimum of three well-written paragraphs. This is a minimum because I write more than that.

2. I like a partner who adds to the plot and plans out the story with me. Get invested, we're writing a tale together.

3. Communication is key. Let me know if you get bored or are going to be absent. I will do the same.

I am a full-time worker, part time student, a husband and father so my posting schedule will be, at most, twice a week but may be as bad as once every two weeks. It really depends on my class load. I hope you understand.

Here's the plot:
She's a noble woman who shows an unnatural kindness to the people lower than her standing. Engaged to marry a man she'd never met, she struggles with the idea of having to cut ties with all the relationships she has built with those considered less favorable. Despite all the good she'd heard of him, the closer the day gets the more nervous she becomes. Besides this, rumors of war have spread throughout the land as enemy forces grow just beyond the border. With her parents breathing down her neck to be a more proper woman, her engagement, and the rumors of war, marriage was the last thing on her mind.

He's a prince struggling to define himself as the next ruler of his father's kingdom. His father is a great king but time and health have not been so kind to him. In a rush to ensure that he not ascend to the throne alone, his father arranged for him to marry a noble woman. He would do his duty proudly and married this woman but the threat of war makes a wedding the last thing the Kingdom needs now that he has to pick up more of his father's mantle as he grows sicker with time.

On the eve of their first meeting, the enemy attacked from within. The castle fell within a matter of hours from betrayal and infiltrators. With the military might of the Kingdom subdued in such haste, the noble woman had little choice but to surrender to death. Fortunately for her, her kindness is what saved her. Rushing her away, a group of the less desirable help her fit in and effectively save her life.

The kingdom is now ruled by a ruthless man bent on nothing more than total subjugation and world domination. Those who refuse to serve him or his people were put to the axe. Hope seems as foreign a word has freedom to everyone and despair creeps into the heart of even the ever kind and optimistic noble woman. With the entire royal family thought to be dead, who would save them from this nightmare?

I'm looking for a Cinderella. That doesn't have to be her name but it'll be a rise from the ashes ideal. I'll be playing the prince who narrowly escaped death and has begun to set up a rebellion to take his throne back. Though our characters were betrothed, they've never met so it will be a story where they have to learn to fall for one another.

Contents will include dark themes (we can discuss specifics in a PM), Romance, Mature Content, Violence and whatever else we deem necessary as partners to put in the story.

If you're interested please PM and I will get back to you!
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