Looking for equally or near active partner for RP

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  1. I'm a pretty active person in the afternoons and at night in EST; I would like to find someone who would be willing to match that at night. I usually am guaranteed to be on checking anytime from 6 at night to 1-2 in the morning between homework assignments.

    I love fantasy, odd creatures, superhuman, modern, romance, horror, mature, scifi, school settings, or any combination of. I like a good story. I prefer ge,ale characters but I am willing to play male.

    I am pretty open to anything though if there is a good storyline, I will probably do it. So give it a shot! I'll let you know!

    you might be surprised. If you have specific set of genre/ideas let me know and we can work a plot out too.
  2. Why does your picture look so adorable? ......
  3. Because it is! It's kind of why I choose it! I didn't make it though. I was able to choose it.
  4. Heres a vampire one i have that I've been thinking about if you like it: a male vampire is set to become the king of vampires but it is required that he must set out to find human or vampire love (usually fall in love and remain with them for a year) and then kill her himself in order to become king. The vampires believe that you must remove weakness from your life and to remove it must be killed. Love is the ultimate weakness to the vampires.

    Basically the story would be about an internal argument with himself on whether or not to kill this human girl (we go from somewhere in the start or the very start) and be king or forfeit the throne to his brother.
  5. Ohh.....Damm you Chibiterasu for being so adorable!

    Anywho, only downside: my characters are guys and one of them is a spiritual being and the other is a gifted human.
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  7. Hiya- if you're still looking, I'd be happy to give it a go with you! I live in the EST general time frame, and am generally more of a night-owl, but it varies based on my health and other things.

    I'm generally okay with anyo f the genre you said except horror, and mature has to be limited. As for superhuman...I'm more just unsure what you mean by it- many people mean it in different ways, so that would depend.

    I think it might be fun to mix a few genres all together...But that's just a general idea. For example, we can have a mix of almost all of them with mild implications of some and more in-depth implications of the others.

    Is there anything you're craving in particular? That may help us come up with something. If not a specific thing, a general set of genre perhaps? If not that either, we'll just sorta have to figure it out randomly I guess. I'm not sure. But...Either way, I'm interested if you are!
  8. Superhuman ~ I usually refer to human with super strength or additional powers to your standard human. Think super solider Captain America. Something like that.

    I usually am pretty down for anything and start with a set of genre someone wants to do and go from there,
  9. Hrm...I'm not really into the superhuman thing then. Then again, I'm just not big on Captain America. I don't know, something about the RP concept for that irks me. xD

    Anyway...Hrm...That leaves us with fantasy, odd creatures, modern, romance, mature, scifi, school settings. And mature sorta depends for me so I'll cut that off for now too.

    Let's see...With that in mind...I think of odd creatures as related to fantasy. Hrm...Perhaps a mix of sci-fi/modern-fantasy and a school setting just to be a pain and make a big mix? I know it's cliche, but the first thing that comes to mind when I read that is a school with a mix of different races varying from humans to aliens to other random creatures...Or just people who know of them or something. I have a character who lives with plant-people even though she's human, for example. So really, it's already a big gap here as to where this could lead us in general as a setting/genre idea...