Looking for anyone!

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  1. I am a complete newb really, with minimal experience through msn/aim with friends.
    But they're always busy rp'ing with others, so I figured I might as well give it a try here.

    I am up for just about anything horror, romance, fantasy or a mix of several genres.
    I will not do yuri or furry though because I just can't put my mind into that perspective.
    Roleplaying Resume is filled out, and you can ask any questions you'd like!

    Thank you!
  2. Hiya! Uhm if you want to rp I'm up for any genre, so whatever makes you comfortable. But I remember being a newb and it was horrid.. So if you want to message me we can plan an rp?
    Also I don't really have many questions. But if you do feel free!
  3. Hai there! I will do a roleplay with you. I am not very picky, am fairly bored, and in general don't mind newbs. Sometimes, they are funnest, because they haven't fallen into any habits, or any generic characters. I usually use the same name for mine, cause if I don't I will sometimes type the wrong name ><

    But I will be more then happy to. If you are interested, you can message me, and we can talk about idea's or anything!
  4. ill RP with you if you like
  5. I'd definitely be interested in roleplaying with you! PM me if you like :D