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Looking for any RP.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Fang Kenshi, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. Just looking for any roleplay at the moment, I usually roleplay fantasy and such, and usually carefree with making starts, but please tell me what you want so we may have an idea, so if anyone wants to roleplay, then ask away then, thanks again.
  2. that's so vague how will we know what you like or hate? what if I give you an idea and you just...wig out lol
  3. Hey!
    I have a ton of characters that I'm waiting to try out. Would you like to do fantasy? or magic set in a modern world? If you have a fandom you like, I can do those too. I tend to do either action or talking/character development. Just give me an age range or a character type and we can get started!
  4. @YamiNoOkami Your right, it is vague, but thats how I feel at the moment, but thats for telling about that, next I'll be in more detail

    @AlagasianFlame Sure, Fantasy, and Modern Fantasy sounds fun, I'll PM you.
  5. i have posted a thread with my different ideas. In 1x1 plot discussions
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