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  1. Hello. I'm Tracy and I'm a new member here looking for some new roleplay partners.

    There's really not much to tell, but here goes:
    ~ I'm not overly picky about length so long as it's legible and fun.
    ~ I prefer Skype, but PM"s or other methods are fine as well.
    ~ When it comes to pairings I generally do MxM, but I'll sometimes do MxF
    ~ There isn't much that I won't do. I'm actually pretty obsessed about certain taboo subjects right now ><;;
    ~ Been roleplaying for 20+20+ years

    As for genres, I'm generally open to anything, but there are a few fandom things that I'm craving at the moment and would love to do.
    ~ The Mortal Instruments (I have a Jace muse who really wants to play)
    ~ Harry Potter
    ~ Final Fantasy 8
    ~ Attack on Titan
    ~ The Walking Dead
    ~ Pacific Rim
  2. Hey hey! I'm not really into fandoms and I've never really tried MxM before. But I do have a plot idea involving a MxM relationship. If you like we could brainstorm a bit, just send me a PM!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.