Looking for an Rp partner

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  1. I'm looking for a role player that roleplays fantasy (ex. witch, demon, god, warlock, wizards, vampires..etc) . I personally like the whole forbidden love thing. I can play both male and female. if you would like to discuss the details with me, don't hesitate to PM me or post below.
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  2. Not much of a fantasy roleplayer (the genre is difficult for me) but historical fiction with some magic won't be too bad. I don't care about the gender, male or female works for me. I can't rp same sex though, sorry. :/
  3. I'm up for it. I love fantasy roleplays.
  4. If I can throw in a werewolf, vampire or some berserker type character I am down.
  5. ^_^ Yay! I just want to say thank you everyone for visiting this here thread. Yes, you can add throw in a werewolf, vampire, and berserker type. This is fantasy, let your imagination run wild. Send me a PM and we can discuss the plot there.