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  1. I'm new to this site so I'm sorry if there are things that might not seem clear to you >w<


    >>Tokyo Ghoul<<
    >>Free Iwatobi Swim Club<<

    [you can ask me for any other anime, and if I know the series then I'm cool with it]

    It would be great if you could at least reply to one paragraph, this might be asking for much so I'm sorry if this bothers you...

    I will accept male x male ships, but I prefer OC x Canon

    Plots I'm interested in:
    -Zombie Apocalypse AU
    -Royalty AU
    -Fantasy RPG AU
    -Cross-overs [please tell me what anime]
    -Idol AU
    -Lemons huehuehue
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  2. I'm interested! I'm willing to do just about any anime fandom, and I'm also willing to do VIXX or any other Kpop group like EXO, Nu'est, Super Junior, B2AST, Infinite, etc. ^-^ PM me if you're interested? I'm also willing to play as either a male or female.
  3. Still looking
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