Looking for an RP partner for MxF plots

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  1. Hello everyone!!
    So I am searching for people to join me in a few long-term roleplays with romance and adventure!
    I have a few plots in mind so read through them and let me know which one sounds best to you. Also, if none are available but you still want to RP, just send me a message and we can come up with a new plot together!

    Warning: I don't want too many people requesting the same plot so when a plot is taken, I will strike it out unless something happens to where I need to unstrike it.

    But first! I want to let everyone know what I'm looking for in an roleplay partner.
    1. Be creative. Be open to working together to build the story. I don't want someone who won't compromise.
    2. Be somewhat regular at responding. I understand that life can get busy but I don't want to get into the story and then never hear from you again. If you have to leave for a while or get busy with lots of stuff, just let me know so I don't think you've just abandoned me.
    3. Write at least 2 paragraphs with plenty of detail. No one-liners. I want to really get into the story so I like details and substance.
    4. Since these stories are all MxF, I prefer to play the female part but I don't require that my partner is male. Anyone can message me and if you want, we could work out a way to make the story so we can play double.


    The Actor and the Au Pair- A young woman from the US is working as an Au Pair in another country. She's been lucky enough to be chosen by her agency as the nanny for the children of a famous actor and his wife. She has been working for the family for a while when she bumps into a handsome man that happens to be her employer's friend and co-star in a new show/movie. They sense this instant connection and get to know each other whenever they meet. After some flirting, they decide to start dating and falling in love. However, it's not easy for a girl from small town America to be the girlfriend of a well-loved actor without some drama.

    Renaissance Romance- There's an annual Renaissance festival every summer/fall in town and it brings in a lot of guests from around the area. One day, a group of guys go to the fair for a fun day. While walking around, one of the guys bumps into a young woman dressed as a gypsy. She giggles and winks at him before running with the other gypsies to a nearby area where they start to dance and perform for the crowd. After the performance, the guy is able to pull her aside and talk to her a bit. However, she stays in character and doesn't let out any information about her life outside of the fair. Entranced, the man comes back again and again to get to know her more before finally getting her to meet outside the fair.

    An Unexpected Romance- It's a normal day for the Princess of Estelia. She is having to deal with suitors that her father was forcing on her while trying to weed out which ones are only after her for her crown and which ones actually care. However, things don't go as planned when she is out with a suitor and bumps into what she believes to be a fortune teller. She allows him to read her fortune and doesn't realize what trouble awaits her while her suitor complains. Then suddenly, the fortune teller tosses back his cloak and grabs her before they both disappear. She finds herself at a hidden castle, the home of her kidnapper. After a lot of anger and hostility, the two start to learn about each other and the princess finds out why the man kidnapped her. Hostility turns into civility and then friendship and then romance.

    A Wild Wolf and His Mate- A young man owns a cafe with his siblings/friends, letting his business be the focus of his life. However, he's not a normal man. He's a werewolf and his siblings/friends are the same as him. They live a quiet life with their close-knit community. However, there's a woman that could threaten his quiet life. One of his usual customers has always been one of the many delights of his day. They chat all the time and it's obvious to everyone but them that they have a huge crush on each other. This is where the friends of each person decide to step in and get these two together. The werewolf is hesitant because he doesn't want her to learn his secret and then freak out while the young woman is nervous that it would end up like her last catastrophic romance.

    And that's it for right now! If another idea pops up, I'll definitely add it to my list but right now, that's all I got.
    Remember, I don't want too many of the same story so once I have a partner for one, it'll be stricken off the list unless something happens.
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  2. A wild wolf and his mate

    An unexpected romance

    I'm interested pm me!
  3. I'm interested in a Wild Wolf and his Mate
  4. PM me for details.
    I already have one for this plot but I think it's broad enough that I can run two rps without confusing them.
  5. Still looking for partners.
    Really craving The Actor and the Au Pair plot right now but definitely open to any of the remaining plots.
  6. I wouldn't mind doing the Actor and Au Pair one ^^
  7. I would love to do that story with you, Lexie. Wanna message me so we can work out details?
  8. Sure!! But just as a warning I do have to go to work later on today but I'll reply as much as I can