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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Lazaarus (or Lazzy for short), and I've been looking to get into some more roleplays on this site because I really only have one right now...

    I can post at least once a day, and usually more. I'm a college student who procrastinates more then she should, so I have plenty of time to reply! I also like to chat and get to know my rp partner. c:

    Alrighty, here's some of the things I'm thinking:
    Please take note that I usually like to do MxM pairings, but I AM willing to every kind of pairing!

    Fandom things:
    Adventure Time
    Animal Crossing
    Code Lyoko
    Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
    Game of Thrones
    House of Night
    Hunger Games
    Kingdom Hearts
    Legend of Zelda (favorite overall)
    Legend of Heroes: Gagharv Trilogy
    One Direction
    Tales of the Abyss
    Vampire Knight, etc!
    (bolded ones are the ones that I'm most interested in right now)

    OC things/plots in general:
    Half breeds (nekos, etc)
    Human x Vampire
    Vampire x Vampire
    Human x Werewolf
    Vampire x Werewolf
    King/Queen x King/Queen
    King/Queen x Knight/Guard/Commoner/etc
    Prince(ss) x Prince(ss)
    Prince(ss) x Knight/Guard/Commoner/etc
    Slice of life

    I don't know, I'm not good at coming up with plots unless it's making one up with my partner! I'm really open to most things you guys, shoot me ideas!

    One more note is that I do appreciate things like good spelling and grammar, and thought being put into what one is posting. I'm not going to nag for a short post, but I do like having enough to interact with!

    Reply to this or send me a PM or something! I'd love to get into some rps! ouo

    Oh, and if you're 18+ we could most definitely do a mature rp!
  2. I would LOVE to do a 1D rp with you! <3
  3. I'd love to do a Homestuck based roleplay with you. We could create a fan adventure, but if you really want to, we can play canon too (warning though, I'm terrible at staying in canon, sorry).
  4. homestuck? what's that? :/
  5. I would be more than willing to start an RP with you, particularly a fandom RP (I have the most experience with Homestuck roleplays). Sent a PM, looking forward to future roleplays :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.