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  1. Hello!! my name's peachy and im looking for someone to roleplay with over skype or line! I really love to brainstorm ideas before and during rps so yehh skype is just a better place to do so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Some things

    ☆ at least one paragraph please! i dont mind if the lengths of each post declines the further we get into the rp, just as long as the first few are a reasonable length

    ☆ please use pre-made characters! (or ocs, whatever you'd likeee)

    ☆ no passive roleplayers. I'd like equal amounts of input put into the story between us.

    ☆ LGBTQ+ romances are preferred but i can do straight romances (i wont play a straight male tho soz boss)

    ☆ I prefer to rp with laid back people, so pls sir have some chill.

    ☆ if you wish to incorporate sexual themes into the rp then that's entirely up to you!! (MUST be 18+ no exceptions)

    Plot candies!!!:lollipop::lollipop:

    ☆ Supernatural/paranormal themes

    ☆ Gore/violence

    ☆ Monster girls/boys

    ☆ Modern Fantasy

    ☆ Original characters

    ☆ Dark themes

    ☆ gods/mythology

    I will love you if (open)
    (disclaimer: none of these are required, but its nice if any of these apply to you!)

    ☆ if you are an artist and like to draw your ocs/premade characters (hellyeahhh)

    ☆ if you are rly proud of/ would like to talk about your ocs (i would love to hear about them!!!)

    ☆ if you are non-binary/part of the trans community and would like to rp with someone who is also nb!!

    ☆ if ur a chill kid.

    If you have any triggers or anything that makes you uncomfortable please tell me before we get into the rp! I have a few plots in mind that we can expand upon later so yh! PM me B)
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  2. And they must be 18+ ;P Iwaku only allows ERP between members in the same age category! Either "teen" (17 and under) or "Adult" (18+). This is a safety and security rule that is very important for everyone!

    since this is a regular rp partner request that is open to the possibility of smut it's pretty okay to stay here, but you need to specify and follow up on not allowing teens to take you up on the smutty part of this offer, and if you ever want to solicit the smut, the whole smut, and nothing but the smut, you'll need to do that in the Libertine Partner Requests, where only other adults can see it :)
  3. oh!!! oh gosh thank you for the heads up! i totally forgot to put that, thank u!
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