Looking for an Experienced Partner! (MxM, possible MxF)

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  1. Hello~! I'm EquinoxSol, looking for a one x one partner for a very special plot! Please consider these requirements/suggestions before continuing:

    1. Decently lengthed posts! I can post anywhere from 10 paragraphs to one or two, depending on how much my partner has posted, but I LOVE long posts. I HATE one liners.
    2. Multiple Characters! For this plot especially, I want both of us to play multiple characters, which means at least two main characters. This adds depth and subplots to the roleplay, and we can do so much more.
    3. Good grammar/Spelling! I'm not going to say that I have perfect grammar or spelling, but I don't like it when I have to decode what you're saying. This isn't Angels and Demons or National Treasure.
    4. Descriptions! I love it when you and I can make a world together. If it is just me world building, that is kind of okay, but comes with a requirement: whatever aspects that I have set, you must adhere to them. So if my elf and their people speak elvish, and your character doesn't, then there has to be some sort of interaction with them figuring out how to understand each other. This infuriates me to no end. If you can't remember something, just ask and I'll help.
    5. Posts! My favorite rps are ones where I can get multiple replies a day. I know that this just isn't possible for some, but I hate waiting days and days for a reply, even though I am guilty of it myself, when I am not interested in the rp anymore. Also, if something comes up, where you will be gone for more than a couple days, tell me, and I'll grant you the same courtesy!
    6. Don't be shy! I love not knowing what a character is going to do. Plot twists make my day! Anticipation is what gets me through long, boring days, wondering what is going to happen next. I don't mind at all when you severely mutilate my character (like cutting out their tongue, arm, etc.) as long as you don’t kill them without my permission. That's the only thing I ask is that you don't kill the main characters without my permission. I tend to think tons of posts ahead when I'm into an rp, and to suddenly kill a character without telling me what you are doing can shatter my plans.
    That is all I ask. I know it sounds like a lot, but I find that my favorite rps have most or all of these characteristics.

    Now for the plot! I have done this about four or five times before, each one different. You can play any multitude of characters, which I'll go into more detail soon.

    The story is set in and around the wraith city of Reaven. Wraiths are a race I have used in multiple rps. They have pale skin and can control shadows, their power varying along a spectrum. I will be playing wraiths.

    The wraiths have been locked in a bloody war for the last one hundred years, the opposing side being any race of your choosing. Seriously. I've had people be elves, orcs, humans, demons. And I've played wraiths, too, as sometimes I played the other side. The two sides have been stuck in a stalemate for the last several years, but your side has now launched an attack on Reaven. If they capture it, they will be able to march on the wraith capitol and end the war within the next year.

    Your characters are members of this army, and can vary from the general to a prince to a knight to just a footsoldier. They succeed in the invasion, and execute the reigning lord. Depending on how we want the rp to go, they can also kill his oldest son or not or even the entire family. Either way, the lord will be killed or otherwise separated from his family.

    Your army settles into the town, taking up residence in the castle and in the fields surrounding the city.

    Now, I want to have at least two couples develop. At least one must be MxM, though I would prefer two. If you want, though, one can be Mxf. We can discuss who our characters will be after this is decided.

    I will let you know now that I dislike character sheets. I won't be making any, though you are welcome to it. My description will be within the rp.

    If you're still interested after that info-dump, please do not hesitate to reply to this thread! I will love you if we do this!
  2. Meow? I think I can give you some help!
  3. Alright ^^Do you have any questions about the plot? Anything need clarification?
  4. Hmm...well I don't know about doing 10 paragraph posts. You'd have to wait until after 5pm EST in order to get long posts due to school.
  5. That is fine, as long as I am not getting one or two paragraphs every day.
  6. Alright, so I think I can do this! Do you write in the first or third person so I can have a reference point?
  7. I write in third person, but it doesn't matter which one you do, as long as I am clear on the names.

    What pairings did you want? Both MxM or two different ones?
  8. Maybe one MxM and one FxF. And let me go and break up that plot in my mind for a bit to, if you don't mind.
  9. Okay ^^ let me know when you are ready ~!
  10. Got it, and I think I have an idea of what to do. Shot me a PM, could you?
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