Looking for an Epic Adventure!

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  1. Greetings friends!

    I am looking for a rediculous roleplay. Yes, yes, *nods head* something epic to the point where my head simply cannot contain the awesomeness. This is the type of thing I have the roleplay munchies for.

    Something fantasy! With vast beautiful landscapes, and dangerous beasts, and magic and mayhem and explosions! Something with evil villians and wrathful gods, with sea-voyages and quests deep into the earth, uncovering marvels and danger. Fantastic creatures, unusual and obscure in their design... and Spontaenuity! Character developement! Gasp 'oh no that did not just happen' plot twists! Humour, mm yes. >:3

    ..and everything to happen in the now. I love being surprised!

    This is an itch I simply must scratch. Are there any likeminded individuals out there who are yearning for a rediculously epic adventure?
  2. I would love to adventure with you. :) Do you have a basic plot idea or any character ideas? :D
  3. mm nope! I am open to ideas on that sort of thing ;D!

    Do you have any preferences or ideas you wish to experiment with?
  4. Ooh! I got a funny idea for a plot. :3 How about an adventurer hears of a dragon that lives nearby, and that they hold a vast treasure. There are also rumors that the dragon has captured a beautiful young maiden, for many claim to have seen one at the entrance to the dragon's lair. The adventurer slips into the dragon's lair after seeing it fly off. When they go inside they finds tons of treasure, and also the maiden that the village folk spoke of. Strangely though, the girl does not seem very afraid, though she is still very eager to leave. And so, the adventurer stole as much treasure as they possibly could hold and escaped with the fair maiden. This turns out though... to be a terrible mistake, for the girl was actually the dragon's daughter.

    About a week after raiding the dragon's lair they hear word of it flying around the towns and villages searching for something. The girl that they thought they saved then reveals that she is actually half dragon and the daughter of the dragon he stole from. He then tries to ditch her but she won't leave him alone, though they later find out she can be quite useful. Being half dragon, the girl has the special ability to sense treasure.

    An alternate idea is that the adventurer just comes across the girl and she asks to join them. While traveling with her though they find that a dragon keeps following them and the girl will eventually reveal that it is because the dragon is her father.

    The rest of the plot things we might be able to make up along the way. How the story goes will also depend on how you want your character to be. Basically, I feel like making my character a half-dragon girl. :d

    What do you think? :D
  5. oh my gosh, wonderful idea! That sounds like it would be a lot of fun! Maybe the adventurer is a thief masquerading as a knight? He saves the girl, spins a story about how he's one of the king's men, and then when he discovers she has a knack for finding treasure (he may see it more as lucky charm if it's not something you want to be revealed immediately) snaps up the oppurtunity to travel together.

    As time goes on the lie gets out of hand - he's wanted for various things and is trying to keep up the charade that he is an honorable knight, all the while they are travelling to find new treasure (and, consequently, in trouble with the creatures who guard it) and escape from the dragon who wants his daughter back, and the forces of the law who really want his head on a pike.

    There could be some curses and dieties and all sorts thrown in at points when we want to ;D?
  6. Sounds awesome. :) Definitely will be a lot of fun. :3 Do you know what the world and countries should be called? I could make some up if you can't think of any.
  7. I haven't come up with any names or anything, but I think it would be nice to have a few main known places. I think we should leave some unexplored areas too, 'here be monsters' type area :D
  8. How about the three main kingdoms will be Sumplase, Knoewer, and Donotgothar

    .......... :D

    I like to make silly names sometimes. :P

    Ok, jk...Unless of course you want to use those names. :3

    Some country or city name ideas:
    - Forothgar
    - Xandia
    - Ponon
    - Yitzgad
    - Venona
    - Horshema
  9. All of those names sound amazing <3! I've never been good with coming up with sufficiently fantasy-eque names, so I am very happy to go with those.

    I could imagine alot of tension between Knoewer and Donotgothar, maybe not a war persay, but very hostile towards each other.
  10. Thanks! :D Where should the story begin then?
  11. Well, we could base it in Sumplase, which could be more of a neutral area or possibly a country that is relatively stable compared to the other two. Then as we adventure out, discover more areas of the world, escape the dragon/law/whatever other trouble we come into, we'd probably end up exploring all the kingdoms eventually.

    What do you think?
  12. Yes! Let's do it! :D Do you want to start?
  13. Sure! Are you happy to work without character biographies or do you prefer to have them for reference? I am quite happy to work without but I'm ok with either ^^
  14. I'm fine without a character biography. ^_^ I've already kinda got an idea of her in my head.