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  1. Hello everyone! I am a very active rolplayer and feel as though i never have enough partners, i am not very picky on post lengths so long as we are moving the story along! As long as your grammar is decent and your spelling is good enough for me to understand then that's great. i don't really have any plots in mind at the moment but i would love to create one with somebody, or multiple somebodies. We can do a 1x1 or if there are a few people who reply to this maybe we can come up with an awesome group roleplay together!

    Genres i enjoy:
    Slice of Life (if it is a really good plot)
    I love Romance!! romance in a rp is like candy to me, i get super excited about a good romance.

    Things i absolutely will not do no matter how good of a plot:
    Abusive relationships
    Master/Slave type pairings
    FxF or MxM (i have nothing against them i am just not comfortable doing them)

    So, about my postings.. like i stated above, i am very active. I tend to reply multiple times a day and i am on most of the day on weekdays, i am not on at all over the weekends though. My post lengths depend on my partner i tend to do my best to match them, sometimes i do a little more.

    Well that's all so if you are interested PLEASE let me know!
  2. Wnat to do a highschool or collage Romance?
  3. Pm me if you want to try and find something x3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.