Looking for an Adventure Time (Bubbline) Rp!!!

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Hello all my lovelies (meaning everyone who clicked on and decided hey...this might be cool!). As you can tell from the title I am looking for a bubbline roleplay! And if you don't know what that is...it's basically me shipping two characters who probably don't belong together...and those two characters are Princess Bubblegum and Marceline!! The idea I have struck me when I was just looking through some bubbline pictures and discovered one thing...this would be an adorable idea!!!

Now before we get to any of the fun stuff I have to go over the boring stuff first...sorry guys.

Rules and Expectations :(

1.Please be an intermediate writer!
I don't want to write three paragraphs to only get two sentences back.

2. No one liners!!! Like I said, I don't want to write a novel and you half ass it. At minimum I would at least like two paragraphs but I always love more.

3. At least be able to reply once a week. I know real life gets in the way and I won't judge, I'm an understanding and patient person. But I would at least love a reply once a week, I would put a smile on this face o' mine

4. Be able to tell me if you're uninterested or you'll be gone for a while. I can't stand when I get pumped up over a role play and I'm waiting months on end thinking I did something...just please don't...pweety pwese

5. Don't be the overly submissive character. I'm sorry if you got all the way down here and you're strictly submissive, cause if you are I'm going to have to tell you to turn away now. I can't stand having to play a "sadist" dominant to your sweet little submissive...just no. And for all you people who aren't strictly submissive do not worry...I'm not strictly submissive in fact...I'm switch! Versatile for life baby!!!

6. Um...I can't really think of something else so DANCING JAKE AND CAKE!

Now my little lovelies! If you got past that woo to you~
Now we can get onto the good part, the ideas~~~~ <3

These are not my pictures and I give all credit to the artists! But these are the pictures that kinda match with the idea I guess (but not really...I just really love them ^-^)
Idea 1: Ready Or Not~
Setting: Modern AU & Present
Themes: Fluff, Angst, Romance, FxF, small dark themes (not much...but some, nothing too serious)

Penelope Bubblegum had always been the girl that every loved. She was sweet, kind, and always willing to lend a helping hand. Not to mention she was crazy intelligent and never afraid to speak her mind. She had everything, money, an amazing boyfriend, popularity, and just general love from everyone on CandyCane Lane. But what happens when she meets bad girl Marceline and discovers that her picture "perfect" life is complete and utter shit.

Looking for
•Someone to play bad girl Marceline (don't worry you aren't a strict dominate, like I said before...VERSATILE FOR LIFE).
•A FxF romance.
•Plot > Smut
• A slow and steady romance (filled with some sweetness~)
•Someone looking for some fun~

Idea 2: Between Us
Setting: Modern AU & Present
Themes: Angst, FxF, Hidden Relationship, Forbbiden Love, Fluff, other stuff...

Piper and Marcy has been best friends for as long as they could remember, and everyday since sixth grade Piper would have to convince everyone that Marcy wasn't her girlfriend. In fact that's how close they were...always cuddling and hugging, holding hands and even going as far as kisses on the cheek.
But in freshman year Marcy found an amazing girlfriend and Piper found her amazing boyfriend, Marshall.

All of them were great friends and everyone was happy, and then Piper got in a fight with Marshall and of course the first person that she went to was Marcy. Before she knew it, she was kissing her best friend with tears running down her face, and before she could stop herself...she was falling into bed with her best friend. But of course, she went back to Marshall acting as if nothing had ever happened...knowing full well that she slept with her best friend, and deep down knowing that she wanted to do it again.

Looking for

•Someone to play Marcy (as I said before...no need to worry, you aren't strictly dominant)
•Plot > Smut
•A FxF romance
•Some fluffy moments
•Someone looking for a whole bunch of drama, a whole bunch of romance, and a whole bunch of Fun~~

Okay those were all the ideas I had (and boy did that suck away most of my energy...and battery life).

Now I will be open to doing different variations of each idea (meaning if A wants to role play idea 1 and B has already shown interest I'll do idea 1 with both A & B).

If I have anymore ideas I'll post them but if you're interested in either one of these ideas pm me or post below!!!

I hope to see you lovelies soon~


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I'd be up for plot B!
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