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Hey there! This is my first time posting on this site, but I'm no newbie to rp-ing. I have decided to try my hand at actually coming up with my own set of pairings and plots than the usual, which for me, is to find something on someone else's post. I'd prefer for these to be long term partnerships, and hopefully I can make our time together last. I have a whole bunch of ideas swimming around in my head, and I'm going to try my best to express them here. I usually play a female character but I'm up for playing both male and female, and I'm also fine with doubling. Pairing wise, I usually do FxF or MxF, where I'll play as the male. Also would like to try out a little dom/sub, if anyone is interested, just inbox me about it. Not gonna lie, I want to do the majority of these in FxF, but I'd like to do any dom/sub as the male dom. Hopefully I can pull a few interested parties, I can't wait to see what I lure in here.

Mass Effect- This would be OC x OC
Doctor Who- *I just binged watched 7 seasons on Netflix. Loved it! However, I think I'd want to try to put my own spin on this one*

*I know there's a lot of fandoms out there that I hadn't even considered or that you'd want to try out, so feel free to ask me*

Fantasy Pairings (FxF; MxF)

werewolf x Hunter
witch x anything
elemental x elemental
Knight x Princess
Criminal x Officer - (I'll go into more depth about the idea I have that surrounds this, if anyone picks this one)
Starship Captain x Mechanic - (Kinda have a plot/idea for this one)

I know this is a short list of things, but I honestly want to do soooooo much, I just don't have the patience to write it all down. I really just want to get to writing with someone, but I'm open to things I haven't even posted up here, so feel free to ask and let's make something spectacular together.

Warrior x Rival
Superhero x Villain
Hunter x Hunted
Alien x Human
Super x Human
God x Human
Vampire x Human
Immortal x Immortal (This is somewhat of a action/drama ordeal. Two characters who have lived and loved through the ages under different names and different faces, always being drawn to one another and always eventually meeting an unfortunate hand. Is it all coincidence? Or something more?)
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Interested in:
Doctor Who
Captain x Mechanic * wicked love this idea
Knight and Princess.


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Hrmm Criminal x Officer or a Doctor Who RP ^-^

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I'll take that witch pairing
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