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  1. Please read everything before contacting me!

    If you want to write with someone who posts a lot, here I am! Unfortunately I don't have any specific ideas right now, but if you want to brainstorm with me, send me a pm! I struggle a little with ideas in the beginning, but once the plot-ball starts rolling, my ideas are pretty much never ending.

    + I'm looking for someone that replies often! That means several posts a day. (If you have plans one day, I of course totally get that.) Someone who is on at the same time as me would probably be best. That means between 11am - 2 am, London time.

    + I like sci-fi, urban fantasy, dystopia, modern... Kinda everything, except aliens and horror. Romance, friendship, adventure... Again, I'm up for anything. As long as the relationship between character developed naturally (friends or more), I don't like jumping right into the middle of something. I'm also not good at historical, medieval and things like that, since I don't know much about it, and would rather not do a lot of research.

    + I like well developed characters. Bonus if they are a little out of the ordinary (like anything from begin deaf to transexual). Gender or sexuality doesn't matter to me at all. Fantasy characters like elves and vampires, or just people with special powers, are also fun. I prefer fleshing my characters off as I write, so no character sheets. Also not so fond of using photos/drawings, but I can do it if you really want to.

    + I like writing 3-4 paragrafs, as long as the dialog don't cross over each other. Like, if you ask my character something, I prefer having the chance to answer that question before your character does something more and continues talking about something else. Maybe my character would give a reply that would change the entire conversation? So please write a dialog that flows naturally.

    I'm also up for shorter posts, as long as you give me something to respond to and the story moves on.


    PS: English isn't my first language, so there might be some really weird typos, especially now that I'm writing a novel in Norwegian.
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  3. I'd be happy to plot and write with you! I'll be sending you a line or ten to say hi and start us on that shortly.
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