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  1. A Brief Introduction
    Hello. I'm Kraken. With the stress of senior year having come to a close, I have far more time to pass, so I'm looking for a few partners to help fill in the listless hours spent watching Netflix or sleeping. I still have quite a bit to do over the summer, leadership summits, freshmen orientation, so on and so forth, but those last only a few days at a time at most. In either case, I'll be sure to give you a heads-up. I can, realistically, reply once or twice a week. By the Iwaku standards, I fall between "Adept" and "Advanced", but I'll often play the mirror game and put in what my partner does. I'm not looking for 100% tip-top grammar - we all make mistakes - but please give your posts a look over!

    More on the writing bits: I write in third person past-tense with limited (if any) direct insights into more than one character's thoughts. On average, I can write up several paragraphs per post, but when it comes to action, dialogue, extensive character interaction, and so forth, posts will either become shorter to avoid unnecessary filler (or I will request we work on some collaborative posts if you'd like to keep the posts a tad lengthier). Take a look at my Resume if you want to know more, and don't hesitate to ask for writing samples!

    In terms of genres and plots, I'm flexible. The only genres I outright refuse to do fall under multiverses, fandoms using canon characters, and most modern-era plots. Usually, though, I gravitate towards low fantasy (Lies of Locke Lamora, The Black Company, Mistborn) and hard science fiction (Leviathan Wakes, Blade Runner, so forth). Any plot thick in intrigue, moral complexity, and laced through with tense scenes (ranging from action to a battle of wits) tend to catch my fancy. It's all a game of expectations, though. I'm more than willing to play just about anything so long as I know what it'll be going in!

    Requirements/General Notes
    I covered a few of the requirements above, but here's an enumerated list of them! Anything I list here I will offer to you as well:

    - Adept-Advanced writer, 3-5 paragraphs per post (if non dialogue/action/etc.)
    - Please put some effort forth on planning and plotting! It should be 50/50!
    - Be a confident writer.
    - Be able to juggle more than one character. Not asking for a full cast of full-depth characters, but some NPCs and variety'd be very nice to see!
    - I'm not strict on reply schedules by any stretch, but absolute radio silence should be avoided whenever possible - just communicate. I promise I won't bite.
    - Be willing to stick this out to the end or give me notice about dropping out! It'll save us both frustration in the end.
    - Please PM me if you're interested with a writing sample; I'll be willing to do the same for you (I'd like to keep the thread space clear).
    - Contact can be purely through Iwaku, but I'm willing to hand out email and Skype as well - just tell me what works best for you.
    - I RP in threads only, sorry.

    Premade Plots
    These are just a few ideas I've had simmering around for a while that are (mostly) ready-to-go. Most of these are settings and premises, with room for personalization and characters. They are subject to change from person to person, but I will say I'm only going to take one of each at a time. I'll update the post as they come and go.
    Moving on Up
    The year is 2102. Humanity's just taken its first teetering steps to the moon and Mars, made possible by a space elevator constructed on the equator. The world's largest city, known colloquially as "the Night City", is the result of years of construction to complete the space elevator and international funding. When the project was finished over 20 years ago, the city only grew from there. Built entirely by private companies, financed by international aid funding, with the approval of Chile, Brazil, and other South American countries, the Night City is a global hegemony, possessing the world's largest population, a GDP to rival most countries, and the pipeline to the fuel source of the future: Helium-3.

    When a corporate suit, one of the highest-ranking officials in the conglomerate responsible for both the Night City and the space elevator, is listed as a person of interest in the murder of one of vying candidates for the position of CEO, two detectives, both hardened by years in the Night City, attempt to cut through miles of corporate red tape, back-alley deals, and criminal networks to find the true murderer.

    The World Today
    [Post-Apocalyptic | Zombies | Action | Survival]
    The world's ended, and it's been that way for a while. At least a century, maybe more. The sky is clouded with ash still, husks of cities remain unclaimed, and the winters are harsh, brutal, and long. No one knows what the world used to be like. Whoever was around when it did fall neglected to tell the next generation of what used to be reality. Periodically, bouts of 'the Plague' ravish human populations, raising the dead and drowning an already-teetering civilizations in constant struggle. Life has returned to that of the dark ages, with loose bands of warriors lead by mighty warlords controlling a populace of serfs and farmers. Conventional firearms have long-since vanished, and most use poorly-made muskets or hand weapons.

    In the hopelessness of the world's state exists an order of warriors, traveling in small bands of three or four, known by several names throughout the land. Immune to the Plague both in its airborne and contact-only forms, tested with a bite of one of the dead upon initiation, these warriors fight for supplies and good fortune. Some pledge life to various warlords, others remain mercenaries, but all share a since of duty to their fellow man. After being exiled to "the Island" by this warrior order, a band of brigands, thieves, and murders must attempt to make a living in what used to be the world's mightiest city or return to the mainland and be branded as a criminal worthy of death for the rest of their lives.

    Through the Gates
    [ Hard Science Fiction | Military | Space Opera]
    The world changed with cold fusion: reaching the stars was a real possibility with its creation. Years later, in the first Mars-Earth war, Mars won in a landslide using the first practical military application of cold fusion-fission drives. Now, nearly a century and a half later, the solar system as we know it today has been almost entirely colonized either by direct terraforming or stations. Years ago, the first generation ship was sent out to distant stars, but contact's long since been lost. Once again, Earth and Mars are tense with war brewing in the system. Though now the playing field is more or less even, Mars' absurd military spending has ensured that its ships are just a notch above their Earth-bound counterparts.

    On the fringes of the Belt, the asteroid belt between Mars the the outer worlds, the crew of a Martian destroyer the Bodenham finds itself caught in one of the first conflicts of what will develop into a system-spanning war. Its captain, a raw recruit straight out of officer's school, clashes with a crew formed of hardened veterans from the outer planets' anti-piracy vessels. As the war progresses, this unlikely captain must accept the wisdom of more-equipped soldiers or be responsible for the death of his entire crew.

    One Liners and Various Ideas
    These are prompts and quick-look ideas.. That's about it. Some of them might make good plots, some maybe not.

    One Liners;

    - On Mars, where the cities are domed and the existence is one of harsh loose clans dominate the underworld. When a new train line enters a new terradome, a fight to secure the bulk of the benefits ensues between two rival clans.

    - After the gods of old vanished and left humanity in the dark, a cleric of true power emerges from the ashes and draws the attention of all types, from mighty empires to savage warlords.

    - A flagship colony vessel was presumed lost in transit to its destination. Years later, a salvage crew out on the very fringe of colonized space discovers the husk of the ship.


    This is a short list, but hey, sometimes it's nice to just pick up an established world and go with it. These could either be taken wholesale with a new plot and characters or used as inspiration for other ideas.

    - The Last of Us

    - Firefly

    - The Elder Scrolls

    In Conclusion
    Thanks for taking the time to read through this! Not interested in any of these ideas? No problem! I'm open to suggestions, be it to edit one of the above plots or to introduce your own idea. Please PM me if you're interested in forging a partnership and we can work out the characters and plot further.

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