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  1. Hello~ I have recently become active again upon the site and lost all my previous RPs. D: Either the threads died or the people vanished, but either way I'm here looking for some new people.

    So I have a few rules, like most of the people on here.

    Must have good grammar/spelling/punctuation.

    I am semi-lit and looking for someone who is the same. Two to three paragraphs are a must for me. I know we all get writers block and upon occasion have shorter posts, but as long as it only every so often I'm okay with it.

    Must be active. I'm talking multiple posts a day, people. I know we all have lives and things to do, but at least two posts a day? Pleaseeee? >w<

    If you're going to be absent or taking a break, let me know. I don't want to think you died!

    Okay, now that the hard stuff is out of the way, here's some things I'm looking to RP. The bold words are the ones I'd prefer to play. I play female most of the time, but every so often I'll make an exception. PM me, we'll talk. <3



    Also looking for dark versions of fairytales:
    Red Ridinghood
    Little Mermaid
    Hansel and Gretel (Incest)
    Snow White
    Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast:
    The village is owned in it's entirety by a recluse prince who never leaves his castle. There are rumors that the prince is cursed, and therefore he's become a rueful and sadistic prince. To become the king, the prince must take a wife. Afraid of their noble daughters being snatched up by their cruel prince, the village sends a young peasant girl to the castle. Although she is poor, she is the most beautiful woman in the village. There are underlying reasons she was sent, but the girl agrees due to her family being held captive and threatened to be murdered if she does not comply with the village nobles demands.

    Hansel and Gretel:
    HanselxGretel (Incest)

    Hansel and Gretel were born as fraternal twins. They came into the world with their tiny hands clasped together and even growing up they were inseparable. Unfortunately, their mother died giving birth to them. Their father held them special to his heart and always doted on them. Many years later when the twins were both just about to turn 15, their father remarried. Their step-mother was very beautiful, but she only married their father for his wealth and security. She hated the twins and their bond they shared with their father. Just after their 16th birthday, their stepmother hatched a plan to abandon the children in the woods and hire a 'witch' to have them murdered.

    Little Mermaid:

    The young mermaid princess longed for more in her life. Despite having power, beauty, riches, and living in the beautiful underwater kingdom of Atlantis, she wanted more. After a harsh storm the closest land's prince's ship crashed. Most of his men perished in watery graves, some made it ashore. The prince, however, hit his head on the wreckage and would have drown if not for the little mermaid. She took him ashore. While he lie there recovering, she fell in love. She knew then she had to do something to be near him.

    Consulting a witch, she signed a deal to give up her voice to be turned human. What she didn't know was that the witch was not honest and planned to have her murdered while on land. The witch wanted her kingdom and was planning a murder of her and her father, though she was given an opportunity to strike.

    Snow White:

    Snow was born to the royal family. Her mother died giving birth to her. Her father doted on her as she was all he had left of her mother. For many years, all of his attention and affection was given to Snow.

    Just before Snow's 18th birthday, her father remarried a noble woman. The woman was beautiful and kind to the subjects, Snow thought nothing ill of the woman. It was shortly after their marriage, however, that Snow's father became ill. He was bedridden and the new Queen was left in charge of the kingdom. It was then that she began to show her true colors. The woman was spiteful and greedy, taxing even the poor who didn't have enough coin to even eat. Snow's father's illness continued to burn through him and he passed soon after. Fearing the wrath of the queen, Snow fled the castle. She hadn't yet reached her 18th birthday and therefore was too young to rule the kingdom. The Queen's greed and vanity overcame her and she sent a huntsman in search of her 'daughter' and to fetch her Snow's heart.



    Ella was the daughter of a beloved and kind nobleman of their village. She was raised just as kind, growing into a beautiful young woman. Her mother grew ill when she was young and passed away from it. Her father was never exactly the same since. He was distant and cold, no longer generous and kind. One night he went so far as to make a pass to Ella. Disgusted by it, Ella recoiled. Her father struck her for her attitude and she fled and hid in the attic.

    The following day her father left for work, though Ella was thankful for the time apart. Several months passed before her father returned. When he did, he came with a new wife and children in tow. Her stepmother was elegant and beautiful, though her daughters were less so. One was too portly to be pretty, the other the opposite. She was lanky and thin, with no curve to her frame. Ella tried her best to get along with her new family, though it never felt sincere.

    Only a month after his return, her father took his own life. He hung himself up in her bedroom while she was away. Her stepmother blamed her. She was forced into servitude by the new lady of the house, a woman she once thought family. Her step-sisters followed suit and began treating her badly.

    Ella dreams for a life away from her step-siblings and wretched step-mother, fantasizing about the life she could have. Her thoughts soon turned to the prince of the kingdom whose castle stood upon the mountain over looking the village. Her hopes elated when a courier came around with a invitation to the Prince's ball.

    I'm also pretty open to ideas, so if you have some plots let me know! I'm also in the mood for something dark. I'd even like to play a rape victim or maybe something with a mad doctor. I love yanderes and smut! Smutty smut smut!

    Post here or PM me if you're interested~
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  2. Hmmm...I will try DemonxImmortal with you or StudentxTeacher (Never played the Teacher role before)
  3. Do you have any plot ideas involving the rape victim or mad doctor?
  4. Not yet, but I'm thinking about them. I'm open to plots, too.
  5. Updated first post~
  6. Sent you a PM. :3
  7. Updated first post.
  8. Bump~

    Updated first post with some fairytale plots
  9. I'm interested in doing Angel/Demon or B&TB (as the girl, I don't think I could do the prince justice for that plot). What's your dark Cinderella idea?
  10. Updated the first post. More plots
  11. I'm interested in doing Angel/Demon or the Cinderella plot :) I have no preference.
  12. Im interested in the student x teacher pairing and i had an idea about it pm me about it
  13. I've returned from my mini forced hiatus! I'm back and ready for new threads.

    Bump! >w<
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