Looking for a vampire.

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  1. I'm looking for someone to play a male vampire for a romantic vampire/human role play.
    I'd prefer not to double, but if I must, I will.

    I need a partner who can use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as match my post length, or at least half of it.
    Also, I'm looking for someone active. I need someone who can reply at least once every day.
    And please use 3rd person correctly.

    So, as of now I don't have much of a plot, but we can come up with one.
    I'd like the vampire to be a bit jealous and possessive.
    I'm hoping for some at least semi detailed sex scenes.

    Anyway, please reply here or pm me!
  2. I can do all of the things that you are looking for in a roleplay partner. I'm fairly new to forum roleplay but have a lot of experience with roleplaying in general.
    I can be as active as I need to be though I must warn I'm usually absent from the internet during the weekends. I'm a young adult and still enjoy the party life :) I would say I can easily reply at least once a day, some days I'll have plenty of time for full length RP sessions.

    I'm not a very good plot developer but I'm not afraid to brainstorm either. Can easily play a possesive, jealous vampire and can write very in-depth sex scenes as needed.

    Lemme know if you wanna get something rolling.
  3. For sure! You sound like a great partner. Would you like to plan over message or forum?
  4. I'm good with whatever serves you better. Can do both and I don't have a preferance.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.