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  1. I'm here asking for a rp partner.

    Please be active

    What I'm looking for it someone who will be active and I mean active. If you have a busy lifestyle and don't think that you'll be into role-playing a lot then please don't say you're interested. If you can't make enough time to at least make one post a day or every other day then I won't be interested in a rping with you. I understand that people are busy and have lives but I do this for fun and would like a partner to be the same. I like people who like to write. Too many times have I had people start an rp and stop in the beginning so If you think you're going to do that please don't say you're interested.

    Be a Writer

    Like I said before, I like people who like to write. I'm not into one liner/sentence posts. The least that I'll do is one paragraph. If you like to write then you can do more. I like to read posts to don't be afraid of write too much, I like that. Something that I don't really care for is grammar issues. As long as I can understand what your writing I'm fine with that, I'm sure I have some grammar problems in this post lol. Speaking of "lol", please no lol, lmao, fml, etc. I want real words in posts.

    I'm looking for people who can rp as both male, female, and multiple characters. I don't think I have to explain why but it make the story interesting if a lot of characters are involved. I'd like to see the many characters you create. If you're male don't be afraid to play a female character. If you're a female..I think you get it. Something that I don't like is when role-players try to control another's character. I feel that this is a rule that all rper should know by now, but never in any situation should you control another character unless they give the go, but I would never give that go lol, so please no controlling of another's character.

    The maximum of people I allow to rp in my stories are 3 but sometimes I don't even like that amount. If someone stop posting then it messes up the story. If that happens I still have ways to make it be like your character didn't exist. I think I got everything out of the way.

    Stories that I'm interested in doing

    There is a story that I've tried with others, but still want to do. I already have the story plot for it, but to give you a hint of it, it is a element controlling rp. If you're interested in it you can shoot me a pm but make sure apply to my interest in a partner above. I have done a yugioh rp before but I think I would be interested in one. If you're interested in yugioh and would like to rp one then I would be happy to do so. That is the only type of rp that I would allow shorter posts because of how duels would be somewhat short actions per character. I've seen people do Pokémon role-plays and I wouldn't mind giving it a try. If not any of these I have another made of story plot in mind, I'm sure people would be interested in. It's a story I your actual self being sent to an anime-like world.

    If any of these catch your interest, please shoot me a pm. I sorry if I came off as a a**hole, but it's not as serious as it looks. I'm a nice, understanding person, so if there is a reason for not being active please tell me before hand so I don't think you just gave up and won't return.
  2. If you're looking for a long term rp partner I'm home 24/7 aside from occasional weekends or shopping :) I'm your girl just tell me what you'd like to do ^^
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