Looking for a teen wolf roleplay partner!

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Who is your favourite Teen Wolf boy out of these four?

  1. Scott

  2. Stiles

  3. Derek

  4. Isaac

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  1. Okay! So I need somebody to play either Scott, Derek or Stiles in a teen wolf character x OC RP I have stuck in my head, my character is going to have some different logic to what happens in the show but yeah.


    Scott receives an email from an unknown sender, telling him about a pack of mutated werewolves that are coming closer to his territory with every passing minute. He gathers everybody together by the woods to tell them about this and the gang split up, searching for the pack.

    Taylor ((My oc)) is a member of the pack of mutated werewolves that have been traveling for sometime, their mutations makes them faster and stronger then normal werewolves, only by a small amount, they also have different eye colours, neon greens means Newly Shifted, red means Beta, blue means Omega, silver/white means Alpha.

    Taylor has white eyes because she originally came from a different pack, another difference about them is their shifting, they turn into large wolves, yes they still get fangs and claws in human form but that's the only transformation they go through in that form before shifting into a wolf.

    When the pack Taylor was traveling with stops to rest she wonders off, running into Scott and Derek before running off, the the two males taking chase which leads to her leading them straight to her pack.

    The alpha talks things out with the males, telling them they were just resting for the night and would be gone in the morning but Taylor is drawn to (Scott, Derek or Stiles) and ends up following them back and leaving her pack who move on.

    The Teen Wolf pack welcome her after some hesitance and end up facing the troubles a mutated werewolf brings. Meanwhile (Scott,Derek or Stiles) is falling for Taylor while she's falling for them too.
  2. What was the exception that you said you might make for me again?
  3. I might let you be your own character if you don't want to be Scott, Derek or Stiles.
  4. Or you could be one of the girls.
  5. I totally ship Stydia, but I would love to have a character of my own if you'd have me xD
  6. Sure would love to help out in any way
  7. Sure!
  8. We'll talk details in PM
  9. I shall message you about it xD
  10. Okay
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