Looking For a Talented Artist

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  1. I have a Simple Question that I wish to ask.
    Would anyone be willing to Draw a Character Sketch/Drawing for me?
    The Character that I wish to be drawn looks as such:

    Hair: Shoulder Blade Length Silky Pitch Black Hair
    Eyes: A Seemingly Luminescent Jade Green
    Build: Slender and Slightly Feminine, though still Slenderly Muscled.
    Skin Tone: A light shade of Tan.
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 110 Lbs
    Shirt: Black Cotton Thread Tank Top with V-Necking and Black and Yellow Batman Symbol
    Pants: Black Cargo Khakis that are torn along the back bottom Hemmings.
    Socks: Black
    Nail Coloring: A shimmering Midnight Black
    Eye Shadow: Smokey Black
    Eye Liner: Pitch Black
    Mascara: Black
    Fangs: Small
    Personality: Timid and Shy on the Surface, but with Lust, Anger and Mystery laying beneath.
    Other Possible Relevant Things to Picture: His Occupation is a Dancer
  2. I'll do it for a toonie :)

    My Deviantart so you can see my style and such. I can do it in full colour too if you want. I just have a couple of questions;

    Hairstyle: wavy? Curly? straight? Do you want it tied up in some way or just hanging loose. Does she have bangs?
    Shoes: regular sneakers? Heels? Boots? Barefoot? Socks?
    You mentioned she has fangs; is she a vampire? Cause I can try to get a creepy vampire vibe going if you want
    What pose would you like her drawn in?
    Do you want a background?