Looking for a Space Age Sci-Fi for worldbuilding practice

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  1. I'm really looking for a Space Sci-Fi so I can exhibit my worldbuilding phenomena, and have a bit more activity. Plot type irrelevant, I'll even do private groups or 1x1. I just really want to help someone with a great plot create a world for it to survive in. I want it to include aliens, some based off of Earth creatures and cultures, and some completely original, the only reference available being what Phyla they live in. Varying ranges of civilization and political stability, different governments, how these species were able to reach the stars.

    I'm open for co-GMing, group vice leadership, 1x1 (of any nature), basically any sort of plot you can come up with. I simply wish to help with worldbuilding and participation.
  2. I would be so down for something like this! I've been craving a good, detailed sci-fi RP for a while now. It'd be really cool to do something maybe 1x1 to establish some of the universe and then go from there?
  3. What's the nature of 1x1 you'd like to do? You could give me any details here or in PM, whichever you like. (Also, I'm 17, so make sure you're also in the T range if you're looking for a mature romance or something)
  4. Well, I have an idea which involves a ship crashing on an unexplored planet. Maybe our characters barely make it into an escape pod and have to figure out how to get off the planet. It's meant to be a precursor to a longer story about what else is on the planet, but it's a place to start if we wanna world-build and ultimately co-GM or whatever. I hadn't really planned on anything mature, but that's good to know. I'm 19, myself. I'm far more interested in the world anyway. You've probably noticed that already from my posts in the Guild.
  5. I'm already seeing an idea. I've always liked playing aliens, my favorites being based off of humans. An intercivil federation of sorts, a bit like the Star Trek federation, different civilizations coming together for the same goals. I'm thinking of things that are unimportant to the synopsis. Would you like to play a human, your own alien, or one of mine?
  6. I have one in mind I'd sorta like to play. What about you?
  7. One of my favorite species I've ever imagined, the Andha'Sisha, known by humanity as the Xeno Sapiens, shorted to XS. They're very much like humans, except with smaller frames, orange and sky blood, and a redundant set of organs. I can explain more in detail in private.
  8. Sounds good! I'll do some plot brainstorming and we'll see where this goes. I'm still at work for a bit, but I'm ready to start up whenever you are.
  9. Send me a full synopsis via PM when you're able.