Looking for a Southern Belle for Daryl Dixon [Walking Dead]

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Hello all!

I recently rewatched The Walking Dead due to severe withdrawal. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I feel compelled to write as Daryl, and I'm looking for someone to create a female original character or write as Maggie. I seldom write as males, but I must make an exception for Mr. Dixon <3!

For expectations, please look at my resume. I invested time filling that out, so I don't feel the need to recopy those expectations here.

Anyway, please only reply on this thread. DO NOT PM ME. I'm only looking for one partner, and it's easier to keep track of interest in one location versus two. I also really prefer if you're 18 and older, but I can accommodate younger.

Dia Thames

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I would be interested in something like this! I've been looking for A Walking Dead roleplay for quite sometime. Your welcome to look at my own resume if you would like, and the thread I'm currently active in. I take pride in my writing, however I'm not sure if I meet the writing level for you or not. On a side note, I've watched the entire series, what they have out anyways, and Daryl Is my favorite of the bunch! I usually write 3-6 paragraphs per post but I've also participated in a novella roleplay before. I'd love to hear back from you either way. If I'm not what you are looking for, best of luck to you! :)
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