Looking for a small and more personal group for a realistic fantasy RP. (3-4 people)

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    Hey all, Disco here.

    I was looking for a small group, preferably four people, to RP with.

    The RP should more grounded and realistic, so no crazy or over the top stuff. That being said, I am not against having fun with it all. Just because the RP is realistic, that does not mean it cannot have fun or entertaining moments.

    I want the RP to be in a pseudo-medieval setting (Think Skyrim) with fantasy races, elements, magic and monsters, yet the characters are still reasonable people.

    The RP should have a HEAVY focus on story and character development. I want there to be change, struggle, and conflict between characters that changes them in some way. I also would like their actions to influence each other and the story.

    I personally am not a huge fan of RRP (Relationship Roleplay) but I am not against it. RRP for me, is best in drops, rather buckets. That said, any sex or lewd actions should be a simple *Fade to black* and at most, implied.

    I already have a character and setting in mind, but I don't know if people will like it. If anyone cares, post here!
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  2. I'd be interested, but I'd like to hear more about the setting and general ideas for stories or plots first.
  3. Thanks for the reply. :)

    As for ideas...

    Well first off, because I enjoy character focused development and plots, I was thinking it'd be great for all playing to have some sort of character arc. As in, we all get a chance to bring more attention to our own characters with a plot that is centered around them and includes the rest of the players.


    I had in mind a large scale kingdom that dominates the majority of the land. This kingdom takes center place of the world and has been ruled and governed properly and in order for quite some time. That being said, this empire is always looking to expand. There are three territories not yet taken. The desert lands to the east, which has been bordered off by a massive wall for protection as those living in the east are territorial and potentially threats. Not much is known about these lands. The north is an ice cold wasteland where creating cities and habitat I'd rather difficult. The only know residents are powerful and secretive mages. Finally, to the west is the seams where spirits reside. None who wish to keep their lives enter these swamps lest they want to suffer.

    That's all I have for now as I am on my phone and have to go, but that is a general outlook of what kinda of setting I had in mind. It gives variety and places to explore and learn about, which is always fun.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that I'd be playing a character from the eastern lands.
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  4. I'll be interested. I would like the idea of playing an orcish warrior who really wants to see his people be a bit more than "Big green monster men who kill things", but also struggles with the fact that he lacks the will himself to follow what he thinks is a fantasy. Think Wrex from Mass Effect, if you get that reference.

    Alternatively, a dwarf who has conflicting issues about her gender role in her society. She left because she wanted to prove that she's just as capable of handling herself like any man, but also admits that she does like the idea of some of the more "tradition" feminine roles, but denies them on principle.

    And lastly if neither two seem like something you'd want to involve yourself with, I got a fairly young (That is to say, human aged) half-elf who wants to try to get his elvish people to open up to the other races. To modernize and try to incorporate other cultures instead of trying to keep things "pure".

    Each would have a more complex back story of course, but that's their over arching goals.
  5. All of those sound fine and interesting.

    In this situation where you have many characters you want to play, I suggest picking the character that sounds the most fun to you. If you're having fun and enjoying the development and interactions your character is having, the rest of us will too.
  6. Heyo, @Cody !

    This thread ya got here is actually an Interest Check, so I've moved it on over to the appropriate section. (I know, the way stuff is organized is a little confusing sometimes, so no worries!)

    You can make a new thread in the Sign-up section when you want to post character sheets and have an official OOC/Sign-up. :)
  7. Shame I'm not yet "up" for RP, still on public comp... this interests me. I have a wide roster of characters I could use, including my Kah'Saun character Sev Ornil. Heh... he has a third eye that sees the spirit world, so if our group ever went west, well, he'd be a big help in that regard!
  8. Apologies for that @Dawn I will remember next time.

    And as always, if any care for this, hit me up.
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  9. Sounds interesting.
  10. I like the idea, but I wonder if the player limit's been met already?
    Also you said 'realistic', but this is a fantasy RP? So where's the line being drawn?
  11. I'm going to make a thread for character sheets once I get home now that I know there are a few interested people. And apologies for slow responses, school and rehersals have been taking a toll on me.

    @ShiningMist Because it is a fantasy setting with magic and more so generic races, it can be difficult to draw a line. When I say realistic, I mean that I want to avoid characters being crazy overpowered and over the top. Say we have two swordsmen, and one stabs the other in the gut, realistically there is a high chance of death lest the stabbed man gets some sort of healing. I am all for using magic to create odd or powerful creatures and such, but just avoid silly shenanigans with things.
  12. I'd like to see more of the other characters and the setting before I'd make any choice, but I am interested. I would like to fulfill what I'd consider a very important niche to a small, realistic group of fantasy fighters: the healer. A dedicated healer, at that. Likely utilizing other support magics, as well. I also want a character that would MAKE SENSE to be in this group, so I would custom tailor them to the setup as it is. Possibly, one of the later-additions to the group.

    If it's full, however, that's fine. I simply wanted to be a part of this and add an element that would lend a huge level of credibility to the group.
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