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  1. Hello to all that have bothered to read this. As you can tell by my username, I am The Rainbow Cat Bandit, but you can call me "cat," or "bandit." I am currently searching for one or two partners to have an advanced level role play with me. I have been role playing for about four years now, and writing for well...for as long as I've known how to write. Sure the early stories weren't good, but to sum things up, I've been into writing stories for quite some time now.
    I have found it isn't too easy to find a partner with good writing skills and the dedication to help create the story and stick to it all while someone getting along with me and my own writing style. I write mostly fantasy stories, or sometimes modern fantasy or drama. There are usually darker themes in my writing and it isn't fully centered on romance, though romance is often still present as one of the many components.
    I haven't fully developed plots yet, but I suppose I can write out a few to give people a few ideas of what I'm wanting to do. These ideas will still need to be elaborated on and ironed out, but these are the basic concepts so far.

    Plot Concepts/Ideas
    Dragons. You read that right. I freaking love dragons, I mean, who doesn't? This idea could go a few different ways. I could go on with the plot of having a classic adventure role play with challenges and a band to enemies led by an evil boss. Of maybe set it in some sort of civil war between different races of dragons or even dragons against humans. Dragons make for great characters with plenty of room for diversity for body types, scales, horns, wings, and etc. (MXM, FXF, maybe MXF)

    2) Mythical creatures in the modern world. Sort of cliche, I know, but I have a few basic concepts. Like mythical creatures or supernatural beings of sorts trying to adapt to a normal life after their kind has been destroyed or driven out of the area. The characters can try to band with others and have their own conflicts and differences and relationships, while trouble is brewing with the government hunting them and evil spirits from an under realm trying to take over. (FXF)

    3)Forbidden romance. Wow...I'm so creative, right?*sarcasm* For example, two people?creatures can meet under some circumstance and because of differences in species or races or something, they can be forbidden to be with each other. There could be some sort of conflict going on as well, like an evil tyrant making things hell with new rules and segregation, or even slavery.(MXM, FXF)

    4) I am also up to some other suggestions if good ones are made.

    Qualifications to Be a Partner:
    -must have some writing experience and should be advanced
    -no anime or anime physics, sorry
    -must be okay with participating in F/F and M/M relationships
    -should be able to post a few times a day at least every other day
    -has to be able to make replies with at least four paragraphs
    -must be able to stomach darker themes and participate in them
    -must take some control in the role play to help me lead things along, I'd rather not have the burden of a whole story on my shoulders

    That's about it for now. If you are interested you can reply here or private message me.
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  2. Hmmm. I am interested in number 2 of your ideas. (: Still looking?
  3. Yep, I'm still looking. No one has showed any interest yet.

    :3 If you remain interested, you may private message me and we can start working things out.
  4. Hello,

    I am interested in your number 1 and 3 ideas,if you're still looking. I just have the issue where I am not on during the weekends because of family issues,if you are alright with that.
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