Looking for a RP That Accepts Athro Furries

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  1. I have been looking for a Anthro Fursona role play for a long while now. I am open to a lot of role plays but I do not:

    1: Fight or become violent
    2: Get involved in Rated R stuff. If you do, that is fine. I am married and do not get involved in RP. ~<3
    3. Lead a RP. I am not a leader and do not like starting things.

    I do:

    1: Make friendships through RP.
    2: LOVE LOVE LOVE magic and fantasy.
    3. Enjoy a lot of active people and turns in a role play. [E.X. A goes first, R goes second, and W goes 3rd]

    My Character
    Name: Prima Fauna

    Species: Colf [Cat/Wolf hybrid]

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    I'm am stopping here for now so that you won't become eyesore from reading. But, if you have a role play and would like to know more about my character, just message me and I will tell you all about it whilst showing you photos. :3
  2. I've haven't played anthro in too long!
    Got any ideas for a roleplay you'd like to do? Or at least a genre?
  3. I'd be interested in starting one with you and anyone else interested! ^^ [I'm fine with starting new threads and all that jazz.]
    I don't currently have a Fursona, per se, but I do have some characters who could easily fill the part of an anthropomorphic animal. Of course, it could be a Roleplay where there's anthros and other races, like elves and trolls for more of a fantasy-like feel if that's what you're looking for.
  4. That sounds fabulous. And I would never want it to be COMPLETELY Anthro Furry Role play. ^_^ I wouldn't even know how to do something like that because I need other races to interact with.

    I am thinking.... A magical-fantasy..... genre. It can be whatever you want. I just want a good role play. D: I miss role playing regularly. Most of the good role plays I have been in started out promising, but then they fell dry within a couple of posts. >_<
  5. All right! I've been trying to think of a good plot line, but I really haven't come up with much. Maybe just a world where there really isn't a limit on the species/races involved in it, and we let things roll from there?
    I've been toying with the idea of an academy for teaching students the art of magic, maybe in a world where it's a dying art because people prefer the technology advancements if you want a more steampunk element. Or maybe said academy was set up in a government that suddenly decides that it's no longer going to be tolerant of magic, and proceeds in surrounding the castle with troops, and the students/our characters would need to find a way to escape the academy and the country, as staying would result in being jailed or worse?
    I'm just kind of rambling at this point, but that's really all I've thought of. Dx I personally prefer jump-in roleplays, but I wouldn't mind one that isn't jump-in.
  6. I wouldn't mind a jump-in. Just as long as we had another thread up so everyone could post their characters. ^_^

    And having no real limit on anything would really just give the role play a lot of options. :D And the academy sounds like a pleasant idea. Personally, if it were the government direction, I wouldn't be doing much fighting. ^_^" I am terrible with those scenes. But I would probably be one to help hide people, as my Anthro could look like the real thing at any moment. :3
  7. I wasn't sure if you liked more fighting kind of plots or not, but with the academy idea the protagonists would more be using magic to escape, like walking through walls and such-or so I pictured. ^^
    Well, other than minor details like the academy of magic's official name, it doesn't seem like there's too many things to flesh out.. So if it seems good with you, I'll run along and create it, then leave the link here.
    The only thing with an OOC thread for character-posting is that it would need to be optional, otherwise it wouldn't really be jump-in D:
  8. Yeh... We can make it optional. OR we can make it so if someone HAS a character profile, they can put a link in their post before their introduction into the RP. ^_^ So.. That way, there wouldn't be two extra threads. It would just be the links that people have for their character profiles if they have one. :D

    -dances- YAY!