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  1. Hi Guys I'm looking for a few more rp partners. I'm not so bogged down with college work at the moment. :D

    I'd like to do a master x slave plot which includes fantasy. I can write as much as I can. So I can write up to 4 chunked paragraphs on a good day. I can't do two liners though :/ It's just a no go for me.

    Thanks :3
  2. I'd like to volunteer ^-^
  3. Yayyyy ! What species do you prefer playing?
  4. Honestly most anything
  5. I'd quite like to do a rp about demons.
  6. I'm up to do one with you!
  7. I'm cool with demons ^^
  8. Not accepting anymore partners now as from the 2nd of feb I won't be able to post in the teen mature forums anymore. Sorry I'm getting old :'(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.