Looking for a RP partner~

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  1. I'm looking for something fluffy c: With M/M pairing, btw?
  2. I'll be interested in doing a M/M with you :)
  3. Sure c:
    Did you have an idea in mind?
  4. not really. I'm open to anything when it comes to M/M. I do prefer to be the more submissive one though
  5. anything. If I had to choose the top genre's I rp it would be: forbidden love, real life, supernatural creature/human, and medeval/ Victorian times. I'm really open to anything though, I don't have any boundaries to my rping :D
  6. @Becky Young-Bae
    Cool beans :3 Then do you want to try something out on the Victorian Era genre?
  7. sure :) I've been dying to do one actually <3
  8. @Becky Young-Bae
    Oh really? Same here :D !
    Anywaysss, we should brainstorm! What should it be about? A noble and an author/commoner? o: Strange pairing but I have no ideas.
  9. PM me and we can start the planning :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.