Looking for a roleplay partner.

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  1. Hello, I just started on this rp site and am currently looking for rp partners.
  2. i would love to be your partner!
  3. Really? Cool. :) What type of rp would you like?
  4. well i love lots of genres, what would you want?
  5. I like horror, mature, war, music, torture horror, etc. Hard for me to pick, you pick one.
  6. what about zombies?
  7. Okay. :) I'd love to. You wanna make it or should I?
  8. hmm you can, or we can do war, because there isn't a modern war that doesn't have supernatural beings
  9. I like the war idea too. I would put war under modern right?
  10. i think so, should we think of what the story will be like in a convo?
  11. Would you rather do a WWII rp, a Vietnam rp, Iraq rp, Afgan RP, future war rp, or random war?
  12. hmm, that's hard 1 sec i need to think about this
  13. Okay. I might rp as her unless it is WWII rp.

    Name: Hannah Tillis
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Strait
  14. i was wondering, do you like marvel?
  15. do you know what the marvel cival war is?
  16. Not really.
  17. nvm, Do you wanna talk about a modern war in a PM?
  18. I'm new to this website as well and I am also looking for Role-play partners.

    I prefer female x female Role-plays and my favourite genre is fantasy.

    Send me a message if interested. We can discuss plot idea. ^.^
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