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Looking for a Roleplay Partner

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Matthias, Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. Hi guys! I'm Matthias/Mattie, and, as the title of this thread may imply, I'm on the hunt for a roleplay partner :3

    Before we get to the roleplay itself, let me tell you a bit about me.
    -I generally respond anywhere between daily to once or twice a week, depending on how busy I am.
    -I have a preference for longer, more detailed posts, but I won't turn down a casual, shorter post roleplay every now and then. I'm more than wwilling to roleplay with people of all levels of writing skill.
    -I'm willing to do a mature roleplay, but I am a teen, so any prospective partners for this will obviously have to be teens as well.
    -I generally will stick to roleplaying only male characters (whether they're cis or trans, I don't care) and androgynous male-bodied characters.
    -I do both fandom and original roleplays. As for what fandoms I'm in, it's a lot, so if you're interested in a specific one, just ask and I'll tell you whether I'm in it or not :3
    And yeah, that basically sums up anything major about me :3 Onto the roleplays.

    -Basically every genre under the sun. My favourites are modern, steampunk, scifi, fantasy, and historical fantasy.
    -Romance. I'm a huge fan if romance, provided it fits into the plot and isn't overbearing. However, I will only play male/male romance.
    -Vampires, Tolkien style elves, mermaids, etc. are all awesome. Therefore I will love you forever if we do something involving such creatures.
    -I'm very fond of roleplays dealing with mental illness in a realistic manner. However, I don't enjoy it when people make such illnesses sound glamorous, so beware that I can be kinda picky as to how such roleplays are played out.
    -If you have any ideas, suggest them! I'm open to just about everything.

    Do Not's:
    -Graphic horror or just general gore is not my cup of tea. I'm okay with a bit of violence, but I hate extreme detail and/or having it be overpowering the roleplay.
    -Romance-only roleplays. I like romance, but only if there's a plot to go with it.
    -Male/female romance or female/female romance. I'm rather uncomfortable with playing hetero romance (it's just not my cup of tea), and I can't play female characters to save my life, so F/F is kinda out of the question.
    -And yeah, that's pretty much it.

    And here's just some stuff specifically concerning mature roleplays (Spoiler'd out of respect for younger members/anyone not interested in this)
    Show Spoiler

    -Just like with regular roleplays, I'd prefer to stick with male/male pairings. Trust me; you don't want to read anything involving female characters written by me. It's less smut and more like is that position even physically possible x3
    -I'm willing to go as detailed or as vague as you want
    -I like there to still be a bit of plot, even if it's a vague/not particularly important one, just so that the roleplay has a bit of direction.
    -I loooooooovvveeee power imbalances. Give me all the Dom/sub you've got! I generally stick to playing submissive characters just because I know how to write them, but I can attempt to (and hopefully not fail horribly at) play a Dom if you really want me to, but no promises.
    -I can be a pretty kinky creature. If you want to play it, I probably will to. The only things I won't do are non-con/rape, watersports, scat, and bestiality. Other than that, I'm willing to play jusr about anything.
    -NO non-con/rape. That's probably one of the only things I absolutely refuse to play, so please don't even consider asking. Every action between characters must be consensual.
    -I have been interested in doing a roleplay revolving around a 24/7 consensual master/slave relationship, by the way :3 Just in case anyone is interested inthat.

    So yeah, that's about all I have to say. I don't really have any preplanned plots, but if you do, mention them! If not, I'm more than willing to plot with you :3 Thanks!
  2. I am interested, what you got in mind? I rather play a submissive character
    (the only thing I can possibly do lel.) and I love anything dark, from realistic
    to fiction, except aliens, sorry.
    I already have a list of the things I mostly rp if you are interested in seeing 'em.
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