Looking for a Princess! (Fairy Tale-themed)

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  1. Hello, all! Sansa here! I have one remaining spot open for a roleplay and I'd love to bring someone into a plot I'm really craving. This is a fairy-tale themed roleplay and will involve magic, true love, faeries, far-off lands, a kingdom in despair and sorcery! Fun things. (Note that the story doesn't have to include ALL these things, but they're certainly on my list of possibilities.)

    Here are my requirements. They should all be met before you reply below. I'm super picky, sorry!
    • 18+ only.
    • Advanced or above writing level. The closer to prestige, the better.
    • OOC chat. We don't have to be best friends, but friendliness and general pleasantness is a must!
    • Plot with me. I don't want replies like "that sounds good!" or "sure" or "whatever sounds good to you"--help me develop this story and pull your share of the weight. Be creative!
    • Play more than one character, please (but we will each have only one main character of course).
    • Please give me an example of your typical post. Minimum of 4 paragraphs per reply.
    • Be proactive with coming up with new ideas for the story.
    • At least one reply every five days. No less, more is preferred but not necessary.
    • Willingness to Skype chat with me so we can plot! Not required, though.
    • Worldbuilding, worldbuilding, worldbuilding!
    I am looking for someone to play a female character, either a maid or a commoner or peasant for a fairy-tale crossover roleplay. This story will be completely original with our own world and countries and lands and rules, but with elements of many popular fairy tale themes. For example, a magical rose, a cruel step-mother and two step-sisters, a lonely king looking for a bride, an evil sorceress, etc. I would like to play the male role (a single king) in this romance if you will play the female (a maid, abused step-daughter, etc).

    Comment below if you're interested. Thank you so much!
  2. I would be interested in this role! I tend to write a good length of paragraphs :)
  3. Thank you so much for the interest, but I'm looking for someone over the age of 18. :) Good luck in finding partners, and welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Still looking?
  5. I sure am! Go ahead and private message me!
  6. Is anyone else interested? The role is still open!
  7. Hi! I'm definitely very interested! :3
  8. I am still looking for a princess, everyone! I'm craving this plot, make sure you read my requirements. :)
  9. This sounds like fun, is there a vague plot you had in mind? You mentioned playing a king and the other player, the "princess", is likely not of noble birth so it'll be something of a rags-to-riches story from what I gather.

    I like the setting, my favorite part of fantasy is the world building so I'd love, love, love to work on that, especially since there are magical elements and mythical creatures involved.

    My post length usually varies depending on the material I have to work with, but I suppose if each person is consistently posting 4+ paragraphs it won't be a problem. I also think playing multiple characters is a given because most 1v1s with just two characters is absolutely boring. Also, plot, yes.

    I'll be honest and say I rarely ever use Skype and that would be the absolute least-reliable way to contact me. But if you're willing to live with that then I'd ask you to give me a shot.
  10. You are a doll, @Clirkus, and I'd love to do this with you. Since I'm on mobile, would you mind sending me a PM and then we'll get started on plotting!
  11. Aw, it looks like I've returned one day too late from my hiatus. Congrats for having found a match. However, should you ever find yourself in the mood for a story like this again, I'd definitely be up for it. :)
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  12. We haven't started yet, so the role is still open! You can PM me if you wish <3 I'd love to make something like this with you. Fairy tales are my favorite.
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