Looking for a possible long term roleplay partner for Iris Boneword.

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  1. Hello, I am looking to enegage in a potentially long term fantasy RP using my character Iris Boneword. As far as plot is concerned I am looking to brain storm with all and any who are interested. Iris is a war maiden within a nomadic tribe which clings to an ancient form of magic. Which permits them to physically manifest the shadow complexes within their psyche. They do so by Denial, projection, and intergration. She integrates and allows her hadows to manifest themselves as a part of her body. Shadows are the darkest parts of our beings. It takes years of training to master this technique for one must make a contract with their inner demons and must be able to enter their own mind through a drug induced state known as Torpor.

    They are hated by the empire due to their free spirits and refusal to succumb to their rule.


    Her profile.

    I do not care if your character is stock or made up on the fly. Length isn't important nor is "skill." I don't fret over such things. All I ask i you put your heart into your post.

    If you'd like to assist me with this please feel free to drop me a message or respond here.

    In closing romance is optional, though I tend to allow that part to play itself out. Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

    -Iwaku's own Mr.Fox.-