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  1. I'm looking for a controlling RP partner (aggressive, pushes the plot along, owner ect.) I'd like to try a owner x slave (preferably as the slave since I'm more submissive...I think I'm using the wrong words). I'd like to Roleplay with a person who can speak perfect or nearly perfect English, who has correct punctuation.

    I am willing to do any ideas.
    I can add plot.

    Some ideas I've got, where bold is my preferred character:
    Master x Slave
    I know it's really mainstream. Everybody seems to do one, but that's exactly why I want to do it! My character is a teenage/early-20s boy/girl who has been employed/found by your character, who decides they want my character to be their slave, and not just in cooking and cleaning. (MxF, FxM, MxM, FxF)

    Vampire x Human
    Humans are still the superior race, but many supernatural beings have evolved from them. One of these is the species called a vampire. They aren't like the vampires that we think. A stake though the heart kills them, yeah, and they have long fangs, but don't drink blood and can eat garlic and go outside. However, the twisted human mind does not like this new species. They are going to destroy them...starting with their mind... (MxM, FxM)

    Teacher x Student - Wouldn't mind doing another via PM
    Your character is recently single. Let's just say, (s)he doesn't like it. So when a new/failing student is the only one in detention, your character jumps to the chance, but can (s)he keep his/her secret for long? (MxM, FxM, MxF, FxF)

    Step-parent x Step-Child
    Family bonding time. My character's parents new partner took my character on a trip (to another country/camping ect.) and in the process, decided they'd hook up, but can they fix the relationship between the parents without my character messing it up?

    Kidnapper/serial killer x Victim
    When you are kidnapped, it doesn't go well. After suffering a terrible childhood, your character decides to kidnap my character, a childhood enemy or the teenager of said enemy (depending on what you want it to go like). However, the police are quick on your tails. Can you get revenge?

    Mental patient x Daughter/Son
    When your character is mentally unstable and placed in a home, it can't look worse for their daughter/son. It gets worse when they go to visit, and things happen before they leave. Can my character bust out yours, and can they ever move on?

    Shoot me a PM or post here or both if you're interested.
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  2. Any takers? I'm still available for any of these plots, and can brainstorm new ones!
  3. Im interested in teacherxstudent!
  4. Okay, I'll PM you.
  5. Still looking. New plots added!
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  6. I'm still looking around and can do thread or PM.
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