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  1. Hello Lovelies!~ :bananaman:
    I am looking for a partner that can have a continuous story with me! :bsmile:

    • Romance
    • Adventure
    • Medieval
    • Fantasy

    1. Dont be a douche. I can be a little childish sometimes but don't be a straight-A ass.
    2. Must have more than three lines.
    3. Have fun! If you suggest we change the story line, just tell me. I wont be mad.

    Genre Styles!
    Good GirlxBad Boy
    Shy GirlxOutgoing Boy
    Rich GirlxPoor Boy


    War Zones



    Bye Darlings!~

    Message me if you're interested!
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  2. I'd do it
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  4. Cool ^^ Message me.
  5. We can be childish together ^-^ **super high five**
  6. Yay :DD *Best friend high five*
  7. I would be willing to RP with you.
  8. Sure, message me ^^
  9. I'm interested =)
  10. It might be fun to RP with you, if you're still looking for people.
  11. I'd love to rp with you ^^
  12. Hmm, I'd be up for an rp! I'm sooo bored!!
  13. What sort of roleplay would you want to do?
  14. whataver rp you want lol
  15. message me ^^
  16. Super interested.
  17. message me ^^
  18. I'd be willing to help you with your search. I do work alot though so I can't respond right away sometimes, but I won't just drop off the face of the earth and leave the conversation.
  19. Sure, I'd love to do it!
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Not open for further replies.