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  1. Fantastic meeting you here. My name is Lux, and I am interested in a story.

    My Rules and Standards (open)

    • I only really ever want a MxM based role play. Female characters are fine, as secondary, but the main characters I want are going to be male.
    • Speaking of which, I like having more than two characters active in a story, if it calls for it.
    • Romance is absolutely secondary. I am not going to walk into a rp for the sole sake of hooking two guys up and letting them have at it. Romance must happen naturally, through the plot, or not at all.
    • I love plots, I love twists and drama and action. The more active the plot is, the more interested I am in it.
    • I also love world building. Species, technologies, cultures and the like. I absolutely adore it. However, it isn't necessary, if you're not the world building type.
    • I've marked the expectations as adept. I know not every post can be a masterpiece, and if it calls for it then it can be short and to the point, but I would prefer someone who is attentive to the posts and stick to their characters' personalities fairly well.

    What Do I Want In A Story? (open)

    • Science Fiction
      • The more wild and out their the fiction is, the better. Aliens, Androids, Wild frontiers of endless space, weapons that destroy entire planets, ancient alien technologies, all of it, I want it all!
    • Fantasy
      • I like both light and high fantasy. I haven't had any good ones in a while, as most people have narrowed this subject down for me terribly.
    • Steampunk
      • I like to think that this is a lot like fantasy, only with snazzy gadgets instead of magic.
    • Horror
      • I haven't had any good horror stories ever. I suspect that I won't be any good at it at first, so tread here at your own risk, and come with a good plot!
    • Mythology
      • I do like playing with the imperfect gods. I don't know enough lore and history to play from the ones that already exist (Thor, Zeus, etc), but I like to make up my own.
    • Post Apocalypse
      • Humans are fucked, how are they going to survive?
    • Time Travel
      • Future meets past? Future meets future - future? Lets warp the space - time continuum together!
  2. Hey, if you are interested, I posted up a 1x1 request for an RP.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.