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  1. hello ladies and gentlemen

    I am looking for a partner to role play with, so here they are, i role play fantasy, modern, sci fi, and action and i prefer a female partner because i am a huge romance role player like it says in my resume so pm what you want to role play or reply to this either or is fine
  2. Hey :) I'd be interested in rping with you. Have any thing in mind?
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  3. @moon yeah what i have in mind is fantasy action romance story if your interested in that genre then i will tell ya the many plot or we can just make it a it goes
  4. Mkays. Yah I'm interested. Let's hear the plot :)
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  5. the plot is two warriors are now having to fight a great danger to protect there homeland they are both the most gifted fighters (be it magic swordsmanship or ect. ill let you choose for your character if you like?) the journey is simple battle your way to protect your land and defeat the evil once and for all (but there will be many plot twists like all good role plays have)
  6. Sounds good to me. I'm in. :)
  7. Question? What era dos it take place in? Like how do people dress and....stuff. Lol
  8. i would say more medieval steel armor time
  9. Eh..okay. Not sure what woman war back around that time but...I'll do my best lol
  10. Still looking for a partner?
  11. im always excepting role plays
  12. Id be willing to write with you.
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