Looking for a partner :)

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  1. Hey! Thanks for giving this thread a chance and looking at it. It means a lot. :)

    So I am just looking for someone who wants to be my awesome partner and team up for some rp. I am open to almost everything I guess. I lean more towards fxm couples only though for romance rps. As for themes I am up to everything (although I admit I am not as great as I could be at horror just yet...).

    So if you are interested just let me know! I would love to rp with you!

    -Shadow Reaver ^^

    P.S. I may seem a bit hyper sometimes or things like that...and I am a bit nerdy. Pre-warning hehe ^^;
  2. I am interested in doing a romance with you. ^.^

    ((I am hyper too :D haha.))
  3. I'll do romance with you c:
  4. [MENTION=5236]Voodoo child[/MENTION] Sorry I took a while to respond. I would love to do an rp with you even if it isn't a romance type. Also I would like to say I like your character's profile. I feel a bit bad that I haven't taken any time to do that myself...^^;

    [MENTION=5751]<3Overlordofhearts<3[/MENTION] Oh yay! Would you mind messaging me so we can talk a bit more about it? (yay!!!! XD another awesome hyper person! ^^)

    [MENTION=1779]Chirokochan[/MENTION] Oh nice! ^^ This shall be exciting! :D May you message me so we can figure out the details?
  5. Thank you for the compliments hun. As far as plot let us take such discussions to pm. No need to spam this thread up anymore than need be.