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  1. All right, so it seems I just can't find a one x one partner, so maybe you, yes reader you, will be my saviour.

    Okay, so I can RP FxF, MxF, MxM. I can RP man, I can RP woman. The only thing I can't do is RP girly-girls and girly-boys (sorry, dudes). I am literally THE MOST PLIABLE RPER YOU HAVE MET. I just need someone who is willing, who is literate, and who will reply with more than one line and in a descriptive manner, rather than in an action way.

    I'm looking to specifically do any of the following RPs, though I am open to other ideas:

    • Superhero!verse: As a part of a government scheme to crack down on rising crime rates (triggered by a mess of "natural" disasters) a group of young, fresh-faced people with abilities created by the very same disasters that caused the trouble, have been cobbled together to act as a moral compass and crime-fighting team.
    • Sci-Fi Miners: In space the diamonds that can be mined from asteroids are larger than your head. May (F, lesbian) is a part of a mining group that has recently landed on the satellite G3-IO to search for the precious stones in it's core. Will you be another member of the team? A newbie? An opposing group of miners? An alien?? SO MANY CHOICES.
    • It's the renaissance in Florence, Italy, and philosopher and writer Giovanni Pandoni (M, Gay) is balancing his life in the court with his life behind closed doors. Perhaps being under Medici rule will allow him some safety.

    But dudes, dudes, I am up for ANYTHING. From mature to gen. Please?

    Comment or PM me to discuss further?
  2. what mature forum u in? under 18 or 18+
  3. I'll be in 18+ when my application thingy goes through C:
  4. I'd be interested in a mxm one, I read in your resume about wanting to do an rp around church and or watersports?
    Would be kinda interesting to tie those two together in a plot.
    I do paragraphs and storyline over pervy stuff but if the story ends up going that way it's totally fine.
    (it would be played in the mature section)