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Hey! I'm Nells and I just got back from a break from Roleplaying and I'd like to start getting back into it.

I prefer to play female characters but I am always willing to work with something. But don't expect it to be next level characters. Sorry!

I don't have a lot of plot ideas as I like to talk to my partners about plot before deciding on a story line or if there even is an established line.

A few pairings I'm interested in trying are:
Enemy soldiers - Modern Setting

Ruler x Robin Hood type resistance leader - Dystopian Society Setting
Survivor x Survivor - Post or Present Apocalyptic Setting
Mage x Warrior - Mid-evil Society (magic is very frowned upon)

There are also some themes that I'd like to try such as:
Video Games - Assassins Creed, Halo, Evolve, Destiny
Assassins - Modern day, go after the same target, targeting each other.
Dystopian City - Basically a huge city that is part of a dying or rebuilding world
Extreme Sports - Two competitors who trash talk each other but then become friends over like being snowed in or something
Surfers - This one is pretty obvious, two beach bums
Angels and Demons - A story where they meet but they cant bring themselves to dispatch each other and start meeting more and more often until the angel starts the process of becoming falling for talking with a demon so much and has to end contact, angering the demon, and breaking their heart
Vampires - Yes
Werewolves - Opposing packs
Magic Users - Possibly in a school setting
Adventure Time - New adventurer in the land
Hogwarts - Following both characters through all seven years at hogwarts
Fate/ - The anime. The next Grail War is starting and its time to start the summoning of the servants.

I really would like more to do around here so if you want to work with me on anything please do!

Those are just a few that sound cool right now but I'm not devoted to these guys so if you have any suggestions or ones you think would be cool then feel free to drop a reply here or shoot me a PM.
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Survivor x Survivor sounds good to me pm me we can work out a possible plot in a post apocalyptic world :D


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Still looking for partners if anyone is interested!
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