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Fantasy, Sci-fi, magical, romance, Yaoi (depending on the situation), Action, mystery.
I'm looking for a long term roleplay partner who is willing to create a unique and original story with me and is able to handle my strange online schedule. I currently have four ideas that will be listed below with descriptions. If none of my ideas are appealing then here are my preferences. I enjoy MxF, MxM, and can do slice of life, fantasy and sci-fi.

Knightwing High

Transylvania's most popular high school. Both mortals and immortals attend this school, but each in a different section of the school. The immortals are contained to the upstairs while the mortals the downstairs. Headmistress or principal Camilla Watson is actually a spirit, and she watches over both sections of the school. When a mortal becomes an immortal, it causes a stir in the school's natural balance. Now an entire investigation is launched into how and why a mortal is now an immortal.

Falling Trilogy

An on the ground angel mercenary protects the world from the beings that slip through the cracks that have split and caused the underworld to spill into the world, as well as deaths that have been caused by the strange beings. During one of the angels missions it saves a human called Nirvana from some reapers that are messing around. Nirvana can see the angel, but the angel after dropping Nirvana off at the hospital, disappears to go talk to Grimwald Reaper. The head Reaper, or The Grim Reaper. The angel let's Grimwald know of his underlings doing, before returning to check on Nirvana. The angel discovers Nirvana's ability to see (s)he and after confronting his/her superior, (s)he learns that it's because Nirvana is his/her soulmate. The angel is left with a choice, stay and angel, or fall and become mortal. After taking time to think about it, Nirvana's image continues to threaten his ability to reason with him/her self. When Nirvana's life once again becomes threatened, this time by the angel's enemy (s)he sets out to save Nirvana which in the end gets him/her cast down.


Addison White is a normal music loving teenager that happens to be a Phoenix, or an "unborn" one. A Phoenix is a special angel created to protect the world from ancient beings ("demons") that use to rule the world but no longer do. When Addison's wings are burned into her back, she gets dragged into an entirely new world. Meanwhile a worshiper of the old world is trying to release the ancient beings from their prison.

Demons (MxM, I do have a character in mind for my rp partner to play, so just ask me about him)

Everyone's got demons, some more worse than others. Oliver Sunders has more demons than he can handle and he certainly won't tell his "perfect" rich parents, since they certainly won't have one disgrace among their family name. Oliver deals with depression, not a whole lot, just enough for him to be a cutter. He also deals with a past attack that rendered him unable to walk without a cane. Going to a public school despite his parents request not to, leaves him as the center of attention from the popular group. However Oliver would rather be hanging with a group that surrounds a cute boy. Oliver becomes obsessed with him and the idea of death. Oliver starts breaking down becoming a disgrace to his family name and during a rather rough argument, Oliver places a gun to his head.
Hey :) if it isn't taken the knightwing highschool caught my eye. Send me a message if you'd be interested in roleplaying with me.
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