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  1. I'm looking for an RP partner! ... Otherwise I guess I wouldn't be here ^^;

    What I would like in a Partner:

    *Someone who would be kind of lax, I guess? I'm not all that concerned about post length as long as there's something for me to reply to, and I'd prefer that any partners wouldn't put too much concern on post length either. Not that I'd always post one-liners, but I don't like worrying about how long my post is.
    *I'd also like to not be overly concerned about realism-- Not that I would do anything overly outrageous, but a partner would be lenient about not getting every detail perfect would be much appreciated.
    *Please don't try to force stuff on me! I don't mind suggestions, but when I say no, I mean no.

    About Me

    *I tend to get on later in the day, so if I don't reply, it's probably because I'm offline. Don't hesitate to remind me if I go a day or two without replying.
    *I do not do smut-- if it does get to where two characters are gettin' it on, then I'd prefer to just fade out. I can do some violence, but I'd rather that it not go into too much details.
    *While I don't mind messaging on here, one of the best ways to contact me is Skype. Just PM me for it.
    *I am very uncomfortable with sexual violence and would prefer that we not RP anything relating to that.
    *I don't have a particular character type and play tons of different characters, as well as tons of characters I have already made and developed.

    What I Like

    *Plotting! I love discussing what going to or what could happen next! Not that we can't leave other things to chance. I also generally like talking about each other's characters and their interactions.
    *I do like romance, but I'm also good with plots that don't have any romance at all.
    -Regarding romance, I'm pretty cool with most pairings. The only thing I'm slightly uncomfortable with is pairings that involve abuse, and I'd rather not play either side of a couple that's like that. I also like to play F/M, M/M, and F/F.


    *I have a huge list of shows and games I've watched, so you can just throw anything at me and I'll say if I'm familiar with it or not. If you're willing to explain something that I'm not too familiar with, then I might be interested in playing it.
    *Two main fandoms I'm in at the moment are:
    Looong time fan of this. I'm especially fond of gijinkas. I'd be cool with playing in the normal pokemon verse/pokemon only plot too though.
    -Steven Universe! Aaaah gosh I've fallen in love with this show. /uUu\ I have a fan-gem and I'd love it if anyone would be willing to play another gem/other character with me!
    *I also don't mind if my partner would want to play a character from a series, but I'd like to stick more to OCs or fan characters.
    *I'm also okay with crossovers!

    Original Plots

    *I have tons and tons of old RP plots I'd be willing to use again, but if you want to suggest anything, throw it at me! ... At the moment I don't really have anything I want to play in particular, but I will update if I have something in mind.


    *... Also I like creating 8tracks playlists for characters and if I create one for yours then oops 8x
  2. *tackles* Pokemon Gijinka! Yes, yes, yes! >w<
  3. I'm interested in rping with you. Can you pm me if you're interested?
  4. I'd be interested in rping with you too!! Pm me if interested :)
  5. I'd love to roleplay with you! PM me and we can talk about ideas. We can do one of your old ideas, or I have a few from old ones that died that I would love to revisit.
  6. Aah thank all of you for the replies! <3 I'll be sure to get to PMing all of you-- or you can PM me and I'll be sure to respond!

    Also, if any of you have a skype that you'd be willing to give out, it would be much appreciated because I often chat on that. However, if you don't for any reason, I totally understand, it doesn't bother me to talk on here.
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