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  1. I'm new to the site and have yet to join any roleplays. I'd like to start one!
    I'm going for an interesting, yet simple plot to start my first roleplay.

    Things you should know:
    1. I'm currently only looking for a male x female role-play.
    2. I'm interested in playing the male role, although I will gladly play the female if you wish to be male.
    3. I'd like at least one, detailed, grammatically correct paragraph.
    4. I'd like character forms to be fairly detailed.
    5. I'm very good at procrastinating and getting writer's block. So. Keep that in mind. (But I will post at least once a week.)
    And finally, here are a few plots I've conjured up, but I'm very open to other ideas if you have them!

    Plot 1
    Two accidents happen to two people, whatever it may be. That's when they start hearing a voice inside their head- a voice who seems to speak to them like any other normal human being. In whatever point in your life that you may be, this voice seems to make you smile, laugh, and comfort you.
    Have you gone crazy and fallen in love with a voice inside your head?
    No. Soon, instead of just hearing this voice in your head, you start to be able to see through their eyes and feel their emotions. You discover that you are speaking to an actual person in some other part of the world.
    After months of only speaking to each other in your mind, you finally decide to go out into the world and meet.
    I want this RP to be somewhat drama-filled. I don't want their journey on the search for each other to be easy. I want odds to be going against them.

    Plot 2 (Taken)
    Two friends that met online with an absolutely platonic relationship have known each other for years. However, when one of them announces that they'll be flying in nearby the other's home place, they decide to meet up. When they hang out and form a bond in real life, their feelings for each other spark. The only problem: they both have significant others.
    Should they remain friends because they live so far apart from one another, or should they give their love a chance?

    Like I said, if you have plot suggestions, I'm all ears!

    (Bonus points to whoever will explain to me what the term "doubling" in role-plays means. I'm new to your crazy kids' terminology.)
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  2. Ahhh, I really like both of these, maybe PM me? Or would your prefer writing in a thread?

    (Doubling is basically when you roleplay the same plot with multiple people. Say I'm roleplaying Plot A with you and someone else wants to roleplay Plot A with you as well, and they ask if you're alright with doubling. They'd be asking if they can roleplay a seperate version of Plot A in addition to the roleplay of Plot A I started with you.)
  3. @oneofthelostgirls

    I think I'd prefer writing in thread for now. Unless you're just more comfortable in PM. Would you like to do Plot 1?

    (Thank you! Bonus points for you.)
  4. @themindofasubject

    Still looking for a partner for Plot 1? If so, I'd love to give it a go! ^^
  5. @themindofasubject

    *Quickly stumbles in and raises hand* Hello! Um, if you're still looking for someone to do Plot 1, I'd love to do it~! PM me? Or I could possibly PM you. If you already have someone, then it's fine, it just really interests me! ^-^
  6. I would actually love to do plot 2 if that hadn't been taken >3<
  7. Plot 1 sounds good, d'ya want a CS or anything like that? Also I've done all my roleplays in PMs so far but would definitely like to try thread writing. Anything I should know about it?
  8. Another take on 'doubling' can be used like this:

    For example, say I'm doing a fandom role play with someone. I'm using fandom because it's easier to explain.

    I want to play Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and I want her romantically paired with George Weasley.
    My partner will play George Weasley for me, if I play someone for them.
    Basically, it would be...

    My Chosen Character x The Character I Ask Them To Play & Their Chosen Character x The Character They Ask Me To Play

    It keeps everyone happy. :)
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