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  1. I m kinda new to this but I'm pretty creative and once I get the hang of this site's interface I should be a pro but right now I'm struggling. I Need a adept partner who is patient with beginners. Also I'm sorry if don't post to often I live in the children's ward at my local hospital.another thing I'm a girl and since I don't know that much about boys I don't think I could role play as one.
    I'm up for any kinda story but I'm not to keen on making beginnings.
  2. Helo I'm Hollow, I don't relly play male roles but we could try and play a plot with 2 females if you want to that is ;)
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  3. That would be grand and I'm glad I met someone who understands
  4. Alright I will pm you then we can get started.
  5. Just wanna say "Hey!" Hope you like it here! ^w^
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  6. Thank you
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