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  1. Hello there! I am currently looking for someone interested in doing a MxM or MxF (with me playing the female) roleplay with me. I would hope to try Plot #1 and #3 the most =)

    Plot Ideas (open)

    Plot Idea #1: An assassin who decides to take the prince's life is met with an unexpected surprise when he is beaten by the same man he was supposed to kill. However, instead of having the assassin executed, the prince decides to make him his bodyguard or personal servant.
    (Can be put into a more modern scene too if you want). (Perferably MxM)

    Plot Idea #2: After responding to an ad that he found in the newspaper, a model visits the artist studio and, after getting the job, he finds out that he has to live in the studio with the artist, much to his dismay. (Perferably MxM)

    Plot Idea #3: Your boat has crashed on an island far from the shores of Coasta Rica. When you awaken, you find yourself in the care of a small band of people who tribe there and now have to learn their customs and ways until you can find a way to get back home. (MxM or MxF)

    If you do not like these plots, just let me know =) we can come up with something we both like then~

    Before you contact me, though, please be:
    *Able to write a paragraph or more per post (no one liners at all), though I typically like quality of quantity
    *Able to contribute to the plot
    *Pretty Good grammar and spelling so I know what you're talking about =)

    And that's about it =D

    So, if you're interested, please PM me as it would be easier to keep track of. =)
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  2. I'll take plot idea 1 please!!!
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