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  1. I'm quite intrigued. Is there any ideas you have in mind?
  2. Well the one idea I have had, that I have tried on different rp sites died, but here is the idea.

    My character Cornelius once conquered the world, after he came back from beyond the grave as the world's first vampire. Of course also with the help of four magic talismans. Once he had conquered the world, he had grown disgusted with it and went into a deep slumber. While he slept, human monks hid the talismans in the four corners of the world, in fear that if Cornelius awoke from his slumber that he would use them to take over the world. Thousands of years of passed since then, rumors of Cornelius' awaking spread throughout the vampire hunting community. But they aren't rumor, he has awoken once again, to conquest the world once again, once he finds his talismans...

    So it's up to two vampire slayers, a vampire and a dhampir to ban together as a team to gather up the talismans and stop Cornelius...and they just might face the god of vampires himself...

    If this idea doesn't suit you I can come up with another idea.
  3. Sounds rather interesting. Will this be a group role-play? Assuming it is since there will be a ban of characters in search of Cornelius.
  4. If you want it to, it can be. I just don't want a very large group because it can get confusing.
  5. Hm, no, its fine. The plot is interesting and I'm up for it.
  6. Alright. Because I was gonna suggest that we both play a slayer and one of us can play the vampire while the other plays the dhampir.
  7. Yeah, I can double up.
    Can we move this to PM's and discuss?
  8. Sure I'll send you a PM.
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