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  1. Hello there!
    A small introduction first, I'm Kaldoro, I'm roleplaying for about 7 years now. I enjoy plots with a balance between smut and story and characters that can not just be happy/sad all day long, but characters that change their moods like any normal person does.
    So for my expectations, I really don't have a lot of demands, as long as I can get what you want to tell me and you don't just give me one line per reply I'm good, if you are active once a day or every other day that works fine for me. If we go for very long replies I don't even mind less activity, but a reply a week is what I expect and what I will deliver, of course more if it works out. If you have life coming at you or just want to quit for whatever reason you can tell me. I prefer being told I suck at writing and you hate my style over just getting ditched, I can't learn from that!
    I usually roleplay in PM's, but if you really want it we can go for a thread or even stuff outside of Iwaku, I'm really open about that.
    I usually do smaller character sheets, but I'm open to give more information on my characters if the roleplay asks for it, after all I want my character to have his/her secrets! I don't mind playing male or female as well, as for parings I'm good with anything aside MxM since it's just not my cup of tea.
    I have no fleshed out stories yet, I have some pairings and some Fandoms I'd be willing to go for! If you have any other ideas or questions feel free to reply here or just message me directly!

    nerd x idol
    idol x fan
    nerd x alien
    gamer x game character
    god x atheist
    god x human
    teacher x student
    succubus x human
    sister x sister
    student x student
    best friends
    King x succubus
    angel x demon
    angel x human

    Sword Art Online
    League of Legends
    Dead Island
    Chunnibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

    These are just some things, I simply can't come up with more for the moment, but I'm sure we'll find something that works! I'm open for any kind of roleplay, I don't mind smaller ones focused on purely smut, but I'd prefer a longer story within the roleplay. Thanks for your time and I hope we can get along!

    If you have nothing that requires a reply here, just drop me a PM, I'm not really going to PM you if all your message contains is "I want to RP PM me" That's why I made this thread, so people can message me, not so I can go through your search.​
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  2. added some more pairings :)
  3. I could go for a the human x succubus i could play the human if that is okay?
  4. Sure! Drop me a message so we can discuss more :)
  5. I'm interested in a Teacher x Student FxF if your still looking =)
  6. Sure! I'd be up for that, though I'd ask to play the student role, since I already have one where I play a teacher.
  7. Hello! I'd love to roleplay with you -- though none of those pairings appeal to me particularly. If you want, you could PM me and we can chat. I have a few roleplay ideas I am interested in doing, maybe we could work together and make something we'd both enjoy!
    I prefer to play female in a MxF. :)
  8. Eh, if there's nothing you like you can just post your ideas here, if you don't feel like putting it here you can PM me @Summer Rain
  9. Sorry that's not what I'm looking for, but good luck in finding a fitting partner!
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