Looking for a partner! I'm new here.

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  1. Kinda bored and just joined the site. I like M/M (I'm fine with straight couples too, I could honestly care less. If it's M/M I'm always uke.) and original plots, as well as fandom-based rp's.

    I'm into Harry Potter, Black Butler, Avatar the Last Airbender, Naruto, True Blood, Disney, Eragon, and many other fandoms. I'm interested mainly in Harry Potter or original plots, though.

    Currently I want to try to do something like a survival rp - sort of based off of Sims Castaway haha. If you're interested in that idea we can discuss a real plot!

    Angst is also something I like a lot - so if you are not comfortable with scenarios such as self-harm or other things like that then don't bother posting below. My main character is usually depressed and a boy, but they can be a girl too.

    Just comment below if you're interested. I do have a Kik and Google Hangouts for IM'ing. I prefer Google Hangouts because it stores your chat logs for you.
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  2. I would be very interested, and I don't mind angst.

    I think I might have a plot in mind, and I dont mind MxM
  3. @Last Bunny - Sweet! I sent you a PM ^.^ I have a few teachers that I would like to have in the roleplay though, since they are my favorite.
  4. How do you feel about Draco/Harry?
  5. Could you play Snape for me in a romantic Snape/oc teacher/student role play?
    It's f/m.

    I'm willing to play anyone from HP except Snape.
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