Looking for a partner for MxF, various possible roles!

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  1. Hey and Hi. To start, I don't entirely know what I am looking for. My roleplaying experience is entirely from a site that banned explicit roleplaying, so when it did happen it was almost by accident and confined to private messages. I found that I enjoyed it (ahem), but it was usually not the bulk of the roleplay. I'm not against trying out a roleplay that centers around sex, but I've never really done one of that sort.

    Am I being confusing? I'm being confusing.

    I can post for a certain period most days, but I'm juggling full time school and work so there might be stretches where I'm not on as much as I'd like. I'd always let you know if that's about to happen.

    I usually post between one and three paragraphs, never less but sometimes more. It all depends on the situation. I tend to go for third person-past tense, but I am flexible with perspectives and tenses.

    Roles/themes I'm interested in:
    Harry Potter (Oc x Luna, OC x OC)
    Mass Effect (OC X Talia or Liara, OC x OC)
    Ambergris (set around the Finch timeline)
    Super powers (One or both of us could be gifted)
    New Weird (Fungalpunk is my favorite, but open to anything)
    Post apocalyptic (zombies, fallout, whathaveyou)

    As for roleplays centered entirely around sex and some sort of kink, I'm pretty inexperienced, but open to try just about anything!
  2. I may be interested in the Harry Potter scenario :)