Looking for a partner for an elder scrolls forsworn RP

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We will both be playing as members of the Forsworn located at Deepwood Vale and subsequently Hag's end. Both of our characters will be extremely skilled and powerful in melee, magic or both depending on your choice. In fact we will be so skilled at what we do that we will eventually be chosen for a ritual that grants us greater power, namely to become a briarhearts or hagravens depending on the gender.

Over the course of the first several chapters our characters must either come to terms with the idea of sacrificing their humanity or decide to flee as this isn't exactly a choice given to them. After all, this is considered a great honour among the forsworn and declining it would be a great insult to the matriarch of the Deepwood Redoubt.

Here the branches obviously split and the resulting storyline will be determined by our characters choices and actions. I do have two storylines in mind, but I won't force them on you, still if you want to hear them you can always send a pm and I'll explain them to you.
Not open for further replies.